March 28, 2013

Christopher Robin’s House for Sale

Well, not actually his house, since he lived in 100 Acre wood, but the house where A.A. Milne, the author of the Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh stories, as well as numerous books of children’s poetry, lived for more than 20 years. image

It even has a blue plaque indicating that Milne and his family lived there. imageThe house is in Chelsea, London, a very posh area of the city, as reflected in the price of the house – a cool £6.95 million!

Despite the size from the outside, the house has five bedrooms, three baths and three reception (living) rooms, including this one.imageI am not going to comment on the ludicrous number of pillows on the sofas, because I am not critical like that.

No comments either about the dining room, with what looks like an enormous trash can sitting against the wall.imageAnd I am certainly not going to say anything about the floor, which looks like it needs to be refinished, or at least have a huge Oriental rug laid down on it.

This must be the master bed and bath. imageAgain with the pillows! You’re selling your house for millions! Make the damn bed!

I love a good landing and lots of light. image

The kitchen is huge, imageand opens onto a south-facing patio garden.image

Not exactly the House at Pooh Corner, but it’s not bad. More information here.


  1. The pillows and more pillows...hmm. I do love the chaise though! Do they have an interior designer?
    Art by Karena

  2. They took out all of the beautiful detailing.....

  3. I'm digging the hardwood floors.

  4. What is the point of a plaque if the building is remodeled and the environment no longer exits the very environment that very well could have inspired the touted author . Fifty plus years ago the inside no doubt looked far different most people would argue that Walt Disney "created" Winnie the Pooh the look of the bear the song the voice actor with the WDW muscling the copyright changes by an act of Congressional action in about 1the early 1980s secured the Cash Cow er Bear continued cash flow . The copyright of a work was extended it is worth looking into as to what was behind this change and why much like the analog to digital broadcasting signal bandwidth issues

  5. Pooh fans must visit you tube and look for the excellent video of Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina performing the song House at Pooh Corner

  6. those captions are hysterical!

  7. Beautiful house - and such provenance! Realtors love TONS of pillows -whats that about? Our realtor gave us bags and bags of UGLY pillows to put all over -was so glad when it was sold and to give them all back. Insane...
    I think the black 'trash can' in the dining room is a bar cabinet -I sorta like it but yes, I can see how it looks like a trashcan! lol

  8. Meg, this is one of your best! I love the captions. Beautiful house with an ugly interior. Love reading your blogs.

  9. You know this is a pet peeve of mine: staging a house for sale. Look. We live in the age of Google. Just now I did and came up with: How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale, Seven Steps to Stage Your Home, Inexpensive Steps to Stage Your Home, A Survival Guide for Staging Your Home...and so on. For Cri Sakes...this is NOT rocket science. The idea is for a potential owner to be able to see THEIR stuff in the house. I think possibly the most damaging thing is when some owner sunk those lights in the ceilings. It utterly wrecks the effect and history of the house. You're living in a piece of history, for the love get my drift. Next time, move to Croydon.

  10. Meg, always love your posts!
    The famous children's author, A.A. Milne's house reminds me of the famous children's TV show, Sesame Street and One Of These Things (is Not Like The Others) song lyrics. ... One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others...
    Why? Because I would never guess that the beautiful exterior holds such a contemporary interior. Even the exterior! The ivy covered facade doesn't matchup to the very cool, modern patio garden.
    Now that Sesame song won't stop ringing in my head :)
    Happy Easter!

  11. I have known one or two millionaires in my lifetime, and been inside the homes of at least twenty. Their decorating is horrendous - it's like they all go to the same very expensive store and buy the same exact furniture, the same exact kitchen appliances, the same exact driveway pavers and on and on and on. So rare to find a well appointed rich person's house, because most of them don't do anything for themselves. They pay people who they don't know (and who don't know them) to do everything, and end up with an interior decor like this one. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Give me this house (empty) and a nice new credit card with no limit, come back in a year and you'd really have something to photograph!

  12. Really boring generic and cheap decor, has it been a rental property?

    Never mind the abundance of cushions:easily removed!

    Why have they put the light switches in the middle of the walls, if placed lower down, about 3 feet from the floor they're much less noticeable.

    Its over priced by about 3m pounds,at that price you're paying about a million quid for the blue plaque!


  13. Why would somebody have bought a home loaded with charm only to sterilize it of any personality it ever had to begin with? The next buyer has their work cut out for them.


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  15. How tragic to efface the arts and crafts character of this house in such a way. Truly ghastly.. thanks for the schadenfreude Meg! Pillows are my absolute bete noir. When I go
    to a hotel where they're piled up, it's all I can do to stop myself opening the window and consigning them into the atmosphere. Oh wouldn't that be fun. And they wouldn't probably kill
    anyone even from 20 storeys up.

  16. Actually I'm grateful that the decor was updated - from all I've read about the original, while the Milnes lived there, it was positively garish. Pillows? A small matter compared to the original color scheme alone. And while Mr. Milne's study just might've inspired Eeyore and his house of sticks, not everyone can deal with that sort of thing either.

    It would be another matter if the house were treated as a museum, but it isn't - people have continued to live in it and not everyone will want to decorate the place the same way.


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