March 19, 2013

OKL: Aerin Lauder’s Vintage Office Picks

I do get on OKL about some of their pieces and prices, but I try and give them credit when they do it right. image

Aerin Lauder is launching her home designs line later this spring, and she’s going to be the speaker at the press breakfast at the High Point Furniture Market in mid-April. She comes by her style naturally, being the grand-daughter of the famed Estée Lauder, the make-up queen.

Her home has been photographed for numerous shelter magazines, always to great acclaim and many pins!image

So when I saw she was having a sale on One King’s Lane, I was looking forward to seeing what she’d picked for the sale. I have to mention that it was only after looking at some of the pieces in the sale, that I realized that she’d “picked” the pieces for the sale, and that most of them were not her things. Regardless, it was fun to see what she’d chosen. imageA vibrant Quadrille pillow. image

A gorgeous lush Paul Lange print.image

A pair of MCM club chairs. image

A fun book I remember reading ages ago.image

I did take a look at another sale, and found this travesty:

imageBadminton racquets imageNot badminton racquets.

Oh well.


  1. "Not badminton racquets" - Ha ha ha ha!

  2. First, I love Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. What a great book. Second, I thought of you the other day. I was in a charity bookshop and they had an old tennis racquet on the wall and I heard someone ask if it was for sale. Thankfully the clerk said no. Otherwise I was going to have to interrupt them to tell them how much they could get for it online. Information I would only know because of you.

  3. Well, I like the photo of Ms. Lauder, I like her room's sort of Saladino-ish color combination, and in hot weather, I wear Lauder for Men cologne, but her choices don't seem very interesting. Not that a green zebra print from Quadrille isn't cool, but it was already available--and no less cool--without her imprimatur, and you can find 1970s chairs like those she picked at a dozen resale shops in Chicago, and a lot cheaper.

    What I'm not getting from her picks is any idea of her own taste--as distinct from that of any other hip young designer into the kind of stuff I passed on when it was new. Then again, if people don't know the difference between a badminton racquet and a--well, whatever that other thing is: if a sport involves hitting a ball with some sort of stick or racquet, I don't play it, so I don't know what it is, either--well, maybe they just need somebody with a name to give them permission to buy that stuff.

    I still like her room, though.


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