March 6, 2013

Halcyon House Antiques: New Jewelry

I am always on the look out for interesting jewelry, ever since all of my real jewelry was stolen several years ago. I literally had two pairs of earrings, two rings and a necklace for several years, because I was reluctant to spend any money at all on new jewelry. But in the last several months, I’ve been interested in looking at jewelry again, but I am going solely for interesting pieces that don’t cost the earth.

My friends at Halcyon House Antiques, who have the most marvelous taste, have really gotten me to take another look at jewelry. I wrote about their terrific collection from Angela Caputi a few months ago.

I just love Halcyon House’s collection of intaglio and relief jewelry. It’s such a classic look, and it will never go out of style.I seriously love this bracelet with its combination of the tortoise-shell resin links, combined with the gold links, plus the round relief and the small faceted stone charm.

Really, though, I love anything tortoise-shell!  I wore tortoise-shell glasses for ages, and still think that tortoise shell is just beautiful.

Even though this is technically not tortoise-shell, it still conveys the look.

The intaglio and relief pieces at Halcyon House are a riff on the classic cameo face on a chain. They are mixed with chains, links, faceted stones, and other ornaments.

Some of the most fun pieces came into the shop over the past few days, and it’s a knock-out! I love a good quatrefoil and this necklace in lapis and mother-of-pearl is just brilliant, as are the coordinating earrings.

The necklace also comes in the opposite composition, with lapis beads.

It’s back to the intaglio and relief again, but this time, in earrings with a pearl drop.

If you live in Baltimore, you’re obligated to wear purple on Fridays during football season, so I think that these earrings would qualify.

For summer, this button pearl and silver link bracelet would be perfect with a linen tunic.

And so would this bone and wood necklace.

I love the detail in the piece.

Of course, this fresh-water pearl and glass bead piece just says sea-glass at the beach to me.

And just in time for steeplechase racing season in Maryland, here’s a sweet little bracelet with a sly fox on it. I’ve got a little guy like this wandering around my neighbourhood.

On a contemporary note, Halcyon House has a great leather and silver bracelet, in either brown,

or black leather.

For more information about any of the pieces here, please contact Eric at Halcyon House Antiques.


  1. Hi Meg, I love those huge torty links--but all of the designs are great.

  2. I hope insurance covered your jewelry losses. Well I managed to knock the diamond from my ring-- I think it is in the front yard some where, I have lost a CZ stud earring in the house somewhere I guess-- yes a loss however not the same as being violated by an intruder. I am so sorry to hear of this. Just yesterday I wore my pearl necklace to work(why are you wearing your pearls I mean why are you wearing your fake pearls a co-woker asked!)-- I have replaced my cubic zirconia earings with a host of sizes purchased rather inexpensively-- tiny to one carat I suppose -- it is so much fun to wear them this goes for the pearls and that is why I wear them it is unexpected and I don't want to say use it or lose it because that happens to me!.I am more attentive to them -- as stones in rings can get loose need to be cleaned and checked regularly by a trusted jeweler

  3. this jewelry is just beautiful.

  4. I love intaglios ..`and the leather and silver bracelet


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