March 28, 2013

Lookie Here, Peeps!

On Easter morning, when everyone else is heading for the chocolate bunnies and eggs, I am making a beeline for the Peeps®! I have an abiding love for Peeps, although I must admit that I prefer them in their original yellow colour, and in either the chick or bunny shapes. Anything else is a travesty. And I like a Peep that’s been aged a bit… stale, perhaps.

At this time of year, I always look forward to the Washington Post’s Peeps Diorama contest. Post readers submit their dioramas, made from Peeps characters, and the more than 650 submissions are judged by the Post’s staff. Generally, themes are a fair bit of current events, DC politics and inside-the-Beltway jokes and always very, very clever.

Here are some of this year’s submissions:

Twinkie Rest in Peeps (The Winner)image

Peep’s Chili Bowl (a take off on DC landmark Ben’s Chili Bowl)image

Curious Peeps Explore the Red Planetimage

Peeps of Burden – Rolling Stones Concertimage

Do You Hear the Peep-le Sing, from Les Mizimage

The Peeper Bowl image

Peepton Abbeyimage

We Have a New Peep – The Conclaveimage

This one from several years ago is still my all-time favourite!image

Are you a Peeps person or a chocolate bunny person?


  1. Thanks for sharing. They are funny?

  2. Love this. I'm a chocolate bunny person....but I just might convert to Peeps after this super post.
    Happy Easter. xoxox

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    1. I would prefer to kick you in the peeps.

  4. Meg, when my husband told me that he likes to eat "aged" Peeps, I thought it was unique to him ( and a little nuts). He will be thrilled to know that he is in such good company. Personally, I do not eat them of any vintage. :)

  5. I love stale ( chewy) Peeps! As a matter of fact, there is a bowl sitting on the island, full of Peeps - uncovered, of course!
    Have a sweet Easter Meg!

  6. I am a peeps girl! Your favorite is now my favorite however that Conclave is pretty good. Happy Easter.

  7. I'm a stale peep person. Hide-them-under-the-car-seat-and-forget-about-them stale. If they don't crunch when you bite off their heads, they're not ripe. I actually prefer the bunnies over the chicks because the ears dry really well and you can get a nice snap when you bite into them. Not that I'm fussy!

  8. My mother-in-law won't eat Peeps because she says they won't get hard-stale anymore. I noticed this myself with some Peeps I bought at Halloween. I ripped open the package and let it sit, uncovered, for months. By January, they were still chewy. Maybe if I had let them sit until Summer, they would have become crunchy, but I don't have that kind of patience. And unlike you, I prefer the travesties - chocolate mousse bunnies, peppermint stars, and gingerbread men.

  9. I'm generally embaressed to admit it -but I LOVE peeps too - esp stale! have you had the chocolate dipped ones? YUMMY

  10. One of the times I laughed the hardest in my life was when my husband and I were trying to discuss a newscast we'd both heard where a bunch of college kids were expelled for burning peeps in their dorm room and setting off the fire alarm. I thought I'd absolutely croak, howling and rolling around on the floor. I don't want to eat them (Cadbury Eggs trump all Easter candy in my book), but as far as comedy? Peeps win, hands down.

  11. How creative those Peeps contest entries are!

    I'm in the minority since I like chocolate bunnies more. Also like gum drops ~ yum!


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