March 20, 2013

Placeholder Pooch

I am in NYC at a lecture given by the amazing Mitchell Owens, and won’t have time to post, so I am leaving you with a placeholder post… filled with pictures of my adorable Connor.

He’s being well-taken care of by our walker, Matt, who lives at the end of our lane. He’s so helpful, and it’s wonderful to see how much Connor likes him!IMG_6365

He loves this eiderdown that I’ve had for ages, and I really try and discourage him from sleeping on it. But sometimes, I just let him.IMG_6366

He’s getting old, maybe about 12, and is slowing down a lot. That makes me sad.


  1. Oh Meg. He is slowing down.... Spring is upon us, perhaps the cold makes him sleepy ---but Spring has sprung-- the Sun will be cause of Jubilation!

  2. Connor is adorable ! Enjoy ur lovely blog !

  3. Hi Meg, Connor is the best of boys! Spring is here and he will brighten up when it warms up.
    xoxox Mary

  4. I love you, Connor. And I really love YOUR eiderdown!

  5. I love this post.. placeholder posts are sometimes as awesome as regular posts!
    PS Remember when I was quizzing you about Carolyne Roehm? Well we got her! She's coming to our Antique Show in Omaha, NE this September! Woo hoo!

  6. There's not much in this world cuter than a mature, white-faced pooch.

  7. This is late and my first viewing of your blog but I have to tell you Connor looks so much like my Molly who I lost when she was 14 1/2. My vet gave me some advice - he said dogs can't think about what the future holds, each day is a new day for them that holds all the promise that each past day held. Enjoy those days and don't waste them thinking of the future. I tried to do that each day and it really helped when the time came to say goodbye. I started dreading it about Connor's age and look, I had 2 1/2 years of fun, walks and "puppy naps" in that time. Treasure each day with your baby!


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