March 18, 2013

Tray Très Bonne Idée

I love collecting beautiful metal trays, and have found numerous uses for them, other than serving drinks. Metal or tin trays are pretty easy to find, but many of them are rather ghastly looking. Luckily, I’ve managed to collect some very attractive ones, usually made by Daher, a company that used to be in Long Island City, NY, but now no longer seems to exist.

Many of their motifs are classical or Asian in origin, and the images are beautifully rendered, and most stand the test of time. I can’t remember when or where I found this tray, but it’s a pretty big size, about 22x18 inches. I have it hanging behind my stove, and it works wonderfully in that space.

I also have another tray right behind the sink, and although I wish I had a window above the sink, it’s just not going to work in this house.

I was struck with a brilliant idea this weekend, if I do say so myself! I was making dinner for friends on Saturday, and needed to constantly refer to the recipe. In a flash, I realized that I could stick the recipe to the tray with a little magnet, and have it right in front of me for reference. It was simple to chop, dice, cook and simmer, all with the recipe right at eye level, and out of my way.  tray copyAnd when I put the image up on my FB page, the delightful Lisa Porter, of The Lisa Porter Collection, said that she has a tray similar to this one above her stove, and it also recently occurred to her to stick her recipes on it. Great minds, and all that!

And yes, I made the delicious Country Captain again.


  1. Love that first tray, and what a clever idea, who knew!

    I was thinking about you over the weekend, especially after the Wales win, it was brilliant, equal to how you must have felt after the Baltimore win! Also wondering how your friend was doing, the one who was shot. Is he out of the woods?

    Have a good week Meg.

  2. Love trays also + trays are so useful for everything, you found out.

  3. Meg: I learn so much from your blogs. I have a tray similar to the first one over my sink and it has never occured to me that I could use magnets to post things. Thank you so much. Hope you and Connor have a happy spring.

  4. Great idea sticking recipes onto it! How convenient!

  5. Une bonne idée, c'est vrai! I will be copying that one!


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