June 2, 2012

Another Fun Hermès DIY

A few years ago, I posted instructions on making your own mini-Kelly bag from Hermès. baby birkin bag

I just got instructions to make your own Jigé clutch. Here.jige clasp It’s a PDF, so you can print it out on the paper of your choice, or you can download one of their patterns. Here.

hermes-jigeOr you could buy one for about $2800.


  1. Thanks Meg, off to find the Kelly in your archives. Won't be brown crocodile but one can't have everything. Love the Jige also

  2. Thank you Meg for sharing such FUN treats! Loved the first post, months ago and now I'm so happy about this cute little clutch!

  3. Oh what fun! How cool would these be for an afternoon tea...favours filled with different teas for everyone to take home!

  4. Of course I'll be buying one. *snort* 8-)


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