June 20, 2012

Mad Hatters!

It’s such fun reading the UK papers. They have a much better sense of the absurd than any American paper I’ve read. And the captions on the pictures are spittingly hilarious. Royal Ascot 2012Summer in the UK papers is known as the Silly Season, so when Ascot rolls around this time each year, the editors are in top form. So go check out the Telegraph, the Daily Mail or the Guardian for some great commentary.

ascot1If the outfit isn’t colourful enough, look at her fingernails. Ewww.

ascot3The ever-elegant Mrs. Edward Claridgeascot2

Simon Cowill’s ex-girlfriendascot4

I do like this Wedgwood-style hat.ascot5

Clearly, these gals were not allowed to come into the Royal Enclosure.ascot7

And I do rather like this one…ascot6

I would love you to add a link to some of the hats and outfits that you’ve come across!


  1. My favorite is Simon Cowill’s girlfriend, what a hoot! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. Peggy... she was the one in the huge union jack hat, too!


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