June 5, 2012

Jubilee: Doing My Bit

I forgot to show you that I was doing my small part to celebrate the Jubilee at my wee house.

Much to my neighbour’s horror – he’s all-Amurrican – I have the Union Jack hanging from my front railings. And to my mother’s horror, I am growing tomato plants in my front garden, such as it is. That’s a hibiscus plant bisecting the image. It’s kind of scraggly, since it over-wintered inside. It has a lot of new growth on it, so I am hoping it will bloom later this summer.

I couldn’t let the Jubilee pass without hanging some bunting, and since I couldn’t find cloth bunting, I made mine from paper. I found a pattern and then printed copies on my printer, cut them out and glued them back to back. I thought my glass storm door would make a perfect spot.
The dots on the door are to provide a little screening so people can’t get a good view of the interior of the house, but I also don’t lose any of the great light. Connor can also see out between the dots, so he doesn’t get all panic-stricken when I am outside working.