June 18, 2012

Golf Outing

Every year around this time, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation hosts a golf tournament at one of the private clubs in the area, and every year, we also host a Concourse d’Elegance – or an antique/vintage car exhibition.

Although the past few days have been gorgeous, the day dawned rainy and overcast, but we knew that our golfers were a hardy bunch!

We thought it would be fun to invoke the game’s birthplace and so hired a bagpiper to call the players from lunch to their carts.Everyone thought that it was a fun idea, and the piping certainly got their attention.

The club is a relatively old one and is dotted with old-growth trees which make the course difficult, as you can’t see from one end of the hole to the other.

As our guests finished playing and gathered on the front porch for cocktails, we had the vintage cars pull into place. The two show-pieces were an old Cadillac, above and an old Packard, below.

One of the friends of the BAF is kind enough to bring one or two cars from his collection each year. These two were just spectacular and we were so pleased he brought them, despite the bad weather.

The cars are meticulously restored, and have each won prizes for their perfection.

The details are really stunning in their simplicity and effectiveness for the overall design of the cars.

We had cars ranging from the 1920’s Cadillac to a 2012 electric car – one of the new Mitsubishis. In the interest of science and experimentation, I did have to try one of the club’s signature Southsides. Personally, I think that the colour is a bit garish, and in addition to the Mt. Gay rum in the drink, they float a bit of Myers rum on the top, which leaves an unattractive brown slick, which I declined.

southsideThanks to everyone who came out for a fun, but cool and damp day!


  1. Garish? Hmmmm.....what might you say about some of my concoctions?

  2. Grand automobiles + looks like fun day. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. the guy with the cars has an amazing collection and he's so generous to bring them to our event. they are really so beautiful.


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