March 28, 2012

OKL: Good on Ya!

I do give OKL more than their fair share of grief, but I also try and praise them when they do something good, which they just did.OKL_LogoLast week, I, along  with probably their entire mailing list, was asked to partake in a survey about my buying habits with them. They asked a number of preliminary questions, and then asked when I’d be available for a phone interview. The time came and went with no call. Whatever.

Then yesterday, I received an e-mail, thanking me for volunteering to talk to them. Apparently, the response was so overwhelming that they couldn’t call everyone. So I received a very nice gift certificate from them, good for anything. Any sale.

It was a lovely and gracious gesture. Thank you OKL. You did good!

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  1. That IS great, market research is one of the best things any company can do!
    Hear it right from the consumer.

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    The 2012 Artist Series


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