March 18, 2012

Drawing Room Blue

One of the people I spent time with in London was the incredible House of Beauty & Culture, a sometimes blogger and a great man. I had met him on my last trip to London, and from the instant we met, we became fast friends, spending our time together non-stop chatting and of beauty and culture So when I decided to go to London, House was one of the top people on my list to see.

After a wonderful lunch of dim sum in a little hide-away Chinese restaurant in Leister Square, we headed out to so a little shopping. First stop was Marylebone High Street and Daunt Books. I picked up a copy of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange – the European version, not the American version. ines8From there, we headed to Farrow & Ball, where House helped me pick out a new colour for my front door. After strongly discouraging my initial choice of Charlotte’s Locks, a deep orange, we headed to the blues. My house is a pale yellow, and I wanted a strong colour for the front door, so after rejecting Stone Blue as too green, and Hague Blue as too dark, we settled on Drawing Room Blue and the hunt was on.It’s a good strong colour, with a lot of deep cobalt in it. Since my front door faces west, I think it will really stand up to the light. Of course, I wanted Drawing Room Blue in the full gloss. Our glossiest paints in the States are not as glossy as those in the UK, and I wanted that traditional high gloss UK front door look. I know I could have gotten the paint in the States, but it was worth it to buy it in London.

After calling around to several of the F&B stores in London, we finally located a quart of Drawing Room Blue in Battersea – about a 40 minute drive at rush hour on Friday!House was a great sport to indulge me in my quest for the paint, and today, I’ve applied the first coat, following a coat of dark tinted primer. After it dries, I will sand it down and put a second coat on.100253_1Of course, getting the paint back to the States presented a bit of an adventure. I packed it in several plastic bags and put it in my luggage. I half expected to see a trail of blue paint following my case down the luggage carousel, but the paint made it back intact! 

Thanks again, House! You are the BEST!


  1. You are very adventurous! Did you know it is illegal to carry paint on public transport (buses) in the UK? I wonder if that applies to aeroplanes ;-)

  2. It is not permissible to carry flammable paint on a commercial airline. FedEx allows properly packaged paint labelled as a hazardous material.

  3. I LOVE THAT BLUE PAINT COLOR! It is AMAZING!!! Most excellent choice!!!

  4. Gorgeous color! Did you have to declare the paint at Customs? I always worry that they're going to drag me away and impound my suitcase. It's not like I bring back live chickens from Europe or anything, but still -- they're so STERN AND SERIOUS in Customs that I instantly feel like a guilty smuggler even if I haven't done anything wrong!

  5. Meg what a great trip and so productive as well. Love, love your cobalt high gloss blue door!!

    Art by Karena

  6. Love the color of blue you chose + it does seem like the UK has Glossier colors.

  7. Well done you criminal you.

    Fabulous color.

    xo jane

  8. LOVE IT! How does it feel to be naughty? Mary

  9. Please expand on how you plan to use the advice of Parisian chic. Please post pictures of your ensembles. I ran to my closet to find my DKNY navy blue blazer and discovered moth holes horrors -- what am I doing wrong-- will a bar of lavendar oap keep the insects at bay help .

  10. Am completely and totally filled with envy.


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