March 14, 2012

More Pix + A Knees Up

I’ve spent most of the day flat on my back with my knees up, after getting a cortisone shot in one of my knees. I mentioned when I was in the UK that one of my knees was bothering me, and it was more than I could deal with, pain-wise. Luckily, my primary physician is an old friend and could see me right away. After thinking that I might have a torn meniscus, he recommended an orthopaedic specialist, whom I saw this morning.His verdict was slightly worse: bone on bone!  So after a cortisone shot, and a trip to Drug City (no kidding!) for some meds, I was advised to keep my leg elevated and ice it down with some regularity. Luckily, Matt, Connor’s personal walker lives at the end of our lane, so he came by to give Connor a good long walk this afternoon, since I’ve not been up to doing it. Connor adores Matt and greets him the way he does with people he loves, with his head down and wagging his tail. IMG_1614That made me happy.


  1. Cortisone is a miracle! Just had one knee replaced...cortisone in the other. Knee pain makes everything else hurt too!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I've suffered for 3 years, and recently my new ortho doc injected Syvinsc(?spelling) into both knees. It has helped me more so than the cortisone injections. Something for you to look into.

  3. good luck. the Syvinsc does work, for awhile but eventually it comes down to knee replacement . i am truly feeling for you as i know how painful the knee bone on bone can be.

  4. Oh Meg, I am really sorry you are having to deal with this. I mentioned to you on FB that I had this surgery almost 2 years ago. I am basically fine now except when the weather changes my knee aches. The surgeon did tell me at the time that I would eventually have to have knee replacement but he couldn't say if it would be 5 years or 15! My knee does "feel" different when I bend it so I wonder if it is "bone on bone" that I am experiencing. Don't really know, but it doesn't hurt like it did before the surgery. I never had a cortisone injection, although after surgery the doc did offer me some kind of gel injection that I refused. I can still have that at some point I believe but want to postpone if possible. I am also hoping that weight loss and exercise is going to help maintain my pain-free existence at least for a few more years. I certainly wish you all the best, my dear. I have NO IDEA how I tore my meniscus in the first place.

  5. so sorry about your pain + adore the pictures of UK.

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your knee pain. I know from a couple of friends with knee problems, that it can be painful and interfere with your daily routine. Sounds like you are in good hands for medical treatment and will be walking Conner again very soon. I have two Labs and know how they love those daily walks! Best to you -

  7. Meg,

    Sorry to learn of your painful knee, but glad it didn't keep you from enjoying friends and the sights during your trip.

    Hope the cortisone does the trick and quickly!

    I'm so enjoying your photos.

  8. I feel your knee pain. My knee went out 2x while coming up stairs. At Easter and again in July. I spent my vacation in a knee imbolizer rather than at the beach! Luckily did not fall.
    Had cortisone shot, did lots of physical therapy, lost 30 pounds, and had a series of three Synvisc-One® injections. I think the physical exercises, losing weight and the synvisc really helped.
    Dr. says it is my call for the next step (knee replacement). Good luck and keep listening to your body!

  9. I am so sorry Meg! I hae being laid up and I know you do too.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Feel better!


  11. Ugh owww, "bone on bone" sounds like you and your orthopaedist may have a few more dates in the future. Do you have a treatment plan, a more detailed diagnosis, a prognosis? Stay tuned, I want to know how you're resolving this situation. Meanwhile, that's got to be a long painful walk up those stairs, and back down again.

    In utmost sympathy, Flo

  12. Just discovered your delightful blog and can't stop reading, despite the fact that it's now 1:54 a.m. -- like being deep into a good novel!

    I just had to respond regarding your knee trouble. I have arthritis in both of mine, the left being worse and also the "bone on bone" condition.

    This past May, my knee pain had grown to the point that I was no longer able to even do my own grocery shopping, relying instead on deliveries from Peapod's online service. It was depressing. I had a vision of my future self as the "fat lady on the scooter at WalMart."

    I had a couple of the standard cortisone injections from an orthopedic surgeon, but he assured me that I was destined for knee replacement. Eventually my internist suggested a referral to a pain management center. I wasn't sure what to expect from that, but let me tell you, few experiences have been as life altering for me.

    The physicians are anesthesiologists who have turned cortisone injections into an art form. The procedures are
    performed in what amounts to an operating room where each knee is injected with two shots of a concoction of cortisone and pain reliever. The procedure is performed
    three times, each a week apart. I've had the cortisone
    mixture series done three times since May and today I got the third dose of a series of three injections of the synthetic viscous replacement.

    The very first series of shots brought me immediate and marked relief. The procedures have been so effective --
    actually, "miraculous" would not be hyperbole -- that my activity level is better than it has been in years. Since May, not only have I resumed shopping and other regular chores, I now routinely enjoy doing 40 minutes to an hour on an elliptical crosstrainer -- to the extent that I've been able to drop more than 50 pounds so far!

    My personal miracle-worker, Dr. Varada Nargund, performs her life-changing work at The Spine Center on Crain Hwy., in Glen Burnie. I might add, she has also successfully treated the sciatica that has plagued me for the past 15 years and incapacitated me on three occasions.

    I simply can't say enough good about Dr. Nargund. I would suggest considering an anesthesiologist-pain management specialist to anyone suffering with chronic conditions involving the spine, joints and/or nerves.

    I wish you the best with your knee and hope you find an effective, long-lasting treatment. And please keep up the lovely work you're doing here!


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