March 7, 2012

The Beast Garden

One of my favourite places on the campus of Atlantic College is the Beast Garden. There are 21 beasts in the garden, and there’s no where you can stand in the garden without one of the beasts looking at you. Each of the beasts represents one of the heraldic animals in the UK. There are lions,



and many more.Each of the beasts is holding, or held, a flag standard with a copper flag and a small holder on top. During parties, we used to put candles in the holders and it was just magical.Some of the beasts are missing their holders and look like they’re clutching at something, so we’d put a few flowers in their hands.Although it can be a bit creepy having the beasts watching you from every angle, it’s kind of fun to see them all together.

Just another amazing part of our visit! More tomorrow, and a really special dinner on Thursday evening!


  1. Oh, I did enjoy the beast garden. You captured some wonderful poses here. Hope your trip back to London was OK. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow!

  2. THey are wonderful==they exude personality!

  3. Brilliant, so moody and evocative; I bet it's particularly magical at sunset or dawn. Great location for a movie shoot, wonder if it's ever been used as such.

  4. Beautiful beasts! can't wait to see other images of your trip. Safe travels, Meg.

  5. I love to decorate a garden for a party, surely the best place for a special event

  6. Love,love,love the beasties! Would welcome any or all of them to my garden to stay!


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