December 5, 2010

WSJ Weekend

Much as it pains me to admit that I like any Rupert Murdoch product, I do find that I buy the Wall Street Journal Weekend edition and I even look forward to it. I happened upon it a few months ago and have been hooked ever since.

The news in the four sections and sometimes a magazine, is a lot lighter than the weekday editions, and the writing is just as good, with some writers who might not normally have articles in the weekday paper. The Off Duty section is wonderful with articles on Cooking and Eating, Style and Fashion, Travel and Adventure, Gear and Gadgets and Decorating.

This weekend’s edition has a terrific article about top tier wallpapers that can be ordered via retail outlets, WSJ Wallpaper 20 Odd Questions for Carolyne Roehm,  WSJ Carolyne Roehm and recipes for faro, chicken in a pot and some great holiday punches. WSJ Punch Ex-Domino staffers Sara Ruffin Costello, writing about writing notes, and Rita Konig, talking about her favourite places to shop in London, are in evidence,WSJ London2 as is WSJ Magazine Editor in Chief, Deborah Needleman.

This month’s magazine features a terrific article about the London home of long-time rock-star idol, Roxy Music front man, Bryan Ferry.  The best line is this: The interior designer Nicky Haslam once observed that, whereas most rock stars liked to trash their hotel rooms, Bryan Ferry was more inclined to redecorate his. scan0161Ferry lives in one of the amazing houses where John Singer Sargent, James McNeill Whistler, J.M.W. Turner all lived and worked. It is very similar to one I showed here and in fact in the comments, Columnist links to the street where Ferry lives.scan0160Check out the links to the City Squire article for more delicious pictures of the house and a video of the making of a song on Ferry’s new album, Olympia, and think about picking up a copy of the WSJ Weekend next Saturday.

All images: WSJ


  1. Meg, I really love the color palette of blues and lavender/purples!


    Art by Karena

  2. Meg - I picked it up today as well. The magazine looks great but Off Duty is terrific. The whole feel is so fresh for all the reasons you mentioned.

  3. You had me at the Murdock opinion. I hope she is getting a nice BIG salary! They are doing a wonderful job and in the midst of all the design chaos right now, its a relief.

  4. I may have to grab a copy if I can find one. Although I've skimmed through on-line. The Ferry article is wonderful.


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