December 3, 2010

Snow in the UK

Believe it or not, snow is pretty uncommon in the UK, especially in England. There are parts of Scotland – the Munros in Scotland, and the Brecon Beacons in Wales, which do get snow and plenty of harsh weather – but the rest of the UK is mostly temperate. So this bout of bitter cold weather and lots of snow is pretty unusual, and very difficult for the citizens.

But the pictures I’ve seen from the UK are stunningly beautiful. It’s such a gorgeous country to start with, and with a covering of snow, even more so.  I remember flying back to the States, and seeing the whole country covered in snow. It was magical.

Do you see the tower in the picture?

SNow Jesmond Dene Four Landmark Trust properties in the snow.

Snow Keepers Cottage Snow paxtons tower lodge
Snow Prospect Tower Snow SilvertonPark

Scotland is just such a stunning place, and even more so in the snow.Snow train in scotland Tally Ho!Snow Saltersgate Hunt It’s almost Christmas and this guy feels right at home!Snow Reindeer-at-the-Birches-Valley So unusual to see a guard anything but stern and straight up. I am sure his head’s warm!Snow A-soldier-of-the-Scots-Guards Moving the horses.Snow Scotland I think this is a fabulous picture, don’t you?snow Peter-Edmands-looks-at-ice I was expecting a package to be mailed from the Borders (Scotland/England) and the person told me that he lived on a long driveway on a lane and that the lane hadn’t been ploughed and so he couldn’t get out. Snow Ducks-and-swans-swim-on-MedwayStay warm.


  1. I'm loving these pictures especially the reindeer. Feeding the reindeer was one of the highlights of our trip to Scotland. They are such amazing creatures. I can't wait to return.
    Now if I can just come up with the money for that house you posted the other day. It's not in Scotland but it is on the same island so it would do. Plus, it is closer to the shops of Portobello Road so I could handle that.

  2. I know exactly what you're talking about. My brother rang last night. Yesterday was the first day they had managed to get out of the castle to the village and beyond, after a farmer had ploughed one of the driveways. He said it's the heaviest snow he's ever experienced, with no sign of a let up in the immediate future. Fun for a day or so, but not a week or more!

  3. Hello Meg,

    It is so incredible here at the moment...even London is under a layer of gorgeous fluffy white. Of course all that will change today and no doubt the ice and slush will cause havoc on the roads...but I am loving it despite the problems. At this time of year all I can think of is that I am in a winter wonderland....xv

  4. So beautiful!! But I'm spoiled by So. Cal. weather.
    Have a great exploration day tomorrow.

  5. I could weep. Scotland is my favorite place on earth, and Scotland in the snow? Gahhhhhh! Even better, if that's possible.

  6. My Chicago neighborhood lost half a dozen century-old trees in a freak storm a few years ago, so I know how much havoc weather like this can wreak, but it's still beautiful to look at. That last glittery photo of the ice-filled pond is great. If there were a place where the temperature hovered near freezing all year long, I'd move there. Meanwhile, I can enjoy the photos.

  7. Gorgeous! I've been listening to BBC Radio 1 in the morning and listening to the weather reports. The London commute is a real pain in the snow, but the Brits are finding ways to enjoy it.

  8. ALL of these pictures are pretty darn fabulous! I've actually been out there, in that English snow, and none of MY pictures look anything like this! Maybe I needed a touch of red? Or maybe I should venture farther north to Scotland? (Considering the temperature, though, I think probably not.)

  9. loving these picture. I see that you hold England dear to your heart :)

  10. Wonderful pictures, even though I realize the hardships. We have been watching BBC and the snow has cut off many people. Must be hard to get around, especially for the elderly!
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