December 20, 2010

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

This is about when I start to panic and realize how many other people still need presents. It’s when I try and think of some creative and fun present that the recipient will appreciate, and not just re-gift!

As I was out playing Santa’s elf yesterday, I saw some fun little last-minute gifts that would be perfect. At Halcyon House, they had the most fun salt and pepper shakers in super clever iterations.  Naturally, I gravitated to these two pigs, who were just posing for the camera. 12-19 013 I adored this dolphin, which reminded me of an etching on some fabulous silver I just acquired. 12-19 014 Here’s the etching on the knife blade. I’ll show you this silver soon, it’s KILLER!12-15 010 The area where Halcyon House is located is in the middle of hunt country and fox hunting takes place on the farms areound the Green Spring Valley. Having said that, these little foxes are everywhere. My mother even has them in her garden. 12-19 018 I loved this salmon… its head was popping up on one place, followed by its tail a bit away.12-19 020 I stopped by Floral Studio, owned by Shawn, a college friend of mine. She’s the one who made the incredible carnation balls, here.  I saw this terrific crocodile, with a watch in its mouth. It reminded me of Peter Pan, when the crocodile swallows a clock and Captain Hook can hear it coming after him.12-19 021 I loved these felted cut-work stockings. Very Scandinavian.

12-19 022 12-19 023

Shawn also had a lot of ranunculus, one of my favourite flowers. Nothing like a spash of pink to cheer up a chilly winter afternoon.12-19 025 I finally got my wreath this morning at the last Farmers’ Market of 2010. It’s huge! And it’s magnolia leaves which I love, love, love. I didn’t think that the wreath needed any additional decoration, but I did dust some of the leaves with gold paint. 12-19 029 How about you? Are you ready yet?


  1. Of course the pigs are fabulous but that wreath is really wonderful! Have a Merry merry holiday season!

  2. Meg, no not yet just taking it a day at a time and am less stressed than ever!!

    Love the Salmon!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    I have a new giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  3. Love the cutwork stockings; does it say Sauder Collection on the tag?

  4. Me too- rushing around last minute. So many fun finds - love the felted stockings and you wreath is fabulous - so sculptural!

  5. Such great things! LOVE the dolphin and the salmon!!!!! And the wreath is the BEST!!!

  6. I'm not ready yet, but getting there. The magnolia wreath is amazing and I wish I could jump over to Baltimore to pick up those salt and pepper shakers.

  7. That's a beautiful wreath, Meg. Magnolias are so pretty.

    And, related to your comment on my blog, go to KVVet (or is it KVPet?) and look at their heated beds. I've been looking at them, too, for the cats.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year's!

  8. Gorgeous wreath but so sorry to have missed the last market. Oh well, Waverly once in a while.

  9. That wreath is AWESOME. So simple and so elegant. Plus, you can leave it up for quite some time as it transcends the season!

  10. Did you get the pigs? - they are delightful. D.

  11. LOVE LOVE....your wreath! Perfect for your door! K

  12. The stockings are actually Hungarian, from a former Soviet-era crafts cooperative. Just after the fall of the Berlin wall, Aid to Artisans helped to develop and import them. I saw them being made- the artisans sew the solid applique on first, then cut out the pattern.

  13. Meg, I had gotten so behind in my blog reading, and just saw this wreath. It's beautiful and Magnolia leaves are my favorite. Fortunately for me, I have all I can carry off.
    Two years ago, I sprayed them a champagne metallic (Krylon Metallics) color and then "sugared" them with fine glass glitter. I tucked them amongst my Christmas tree branches and they sparkled. I was thinking this next Christmas I would use green, the underside brown and then the sugared ones all mixed together. Really nice wreath!


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