December 7, 2010


It’s a bit frightening to think that Christmas is in less than three weeks! I am not at all prepared and have much left to do. I did manage to do a little decorating outside with a lot of the boxwood clippings I bought during the Holiday Shop Hop.NYC 2007 004

Luckily, my family saw the light and we began choosing names a few years ago, which makes shopping loads easier. But it’s still a challenge to think of perfect presents.  I have a couple for friends and my mother already, but there’s still much to do, and no trip to NYC this year. NYC 2007 002

As always, I advocate alternative sources. I am a very tactile person and have a great need to be able to touch and heft items to see whether I like the way they feel. Descriptions and images can be very deceiving.

Having said that though, I have had some good luck buying from One King’s Lane and Gilt. I bought Bunny Williams’ and Mary Randolph Carter’s new books from them recently and got great deals on both. I know they will be treasured for years to come. Bunny-Williams Scrapbook How are your holiday preparations coming along?


  1. i am surfing the web living vicariously through the actions of others however i think poetry . from some poet would help


    The children are grown they have moved away but thoughts of them fill each day. As I toil at the office --the dawn of a new family occurs -can this be-- should I fill my days with thoughts of people I know in passing well yes, we should though blood is thicker than water we should acquiesce the fact that we need each other laugh at the critics as they are testing your resolve, agree with why did i not think of that -- allowing them that they are teaching you and now you have gained insight now you need to to share with them that has shared should it be a weakness that scares me allowing them a chance to come to your aide

  2. I haven't finished decorating, but I only have one present left to acquire. (Amazingly, I'm on top of this this year--now if only I can get things mailed??)
    Happy shopping.........Mary

  3. How about books? "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson or "Half the Sky" by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn. Other than that, contributions to Kiva, Amnesty International, the Women's Law Center, or the House of Ruth.

  4. Well, apart from the fact that three family members are sick with bronchitis we are doing great. I have done a lot of my holiday shoppings already, parcels send to Europe a while ago and since we are giving ourselves
    a trip this year, we are pretty much set! Our tree will be up by tomorrow!
    Then all to do is sit back, hot tea in hand and slowly, slowly sink into cushions and the holiday spirit (s)...


    PS: You've got so much good stuff at your Etsy shop lately.... I am tempted daily!


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