December 16, 2010

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

The seven swans a-swimming reminded me of a post I did during my first year of blogging, all the way back in 2007! eider-nest-down-eggs-2One of the best things I’ve ever gotten is an eiderdown blanket. If you don’t know, eiders are large-sized sea ducks that are found in the northern coasts of Europe, North America and eastern Siberia. Eiders breed in the Arctic and a few northern temperate regions. 

Eiderdown_8 Eiders line their nests with their down, and when the chicks have flown the nest, the eider down is harvested by farmers in coastal regions. The nests are in protected areas, so the relationship between the farmers who feed the ducks and harvest their down and the ducks, works quite well. Icelandic Eiderdown farming is a multi-million dollar industry.eider stripes2The words eiderdown and quilt or comforter are used interchangeably, but they are totally different things. Eiderdowns are difficult to find these days and when you do, they are very expensive. I’ve seen king-sized eiderdowns priced anywhere from $4,800 to more than $13,000! eider1You can sometimes find real eiderdowns on Ebay, or in vintage or antique stores in the UK and Europe. Most of the time, they are twin-sized though. They usually have a flower or paisley print fabric, or satin, which usually slides right off the bed. Eiderdowns are very,very light… I think that’s where the expression “Light as a Feather” comes from. With an eiderdown, you can’t feel the shafts of the feathers’ quills like you can on down comforters.Eiderdowns%20bothIf you ever see an eiderdown for less than $4800, you should buy it… or ask Santa for one!


  1. Really interesting I had no idea. Luckily I am in the tropics!

  2. Very informative. A "Light as a Feather" blanket would be a blessing on these cold winter nights.

  3. I brought back from the UK on a trip two twin eiderdown comforters and had them sewn together to fit my bed.

    Bring on the cold! One of life's real luxuries...

  4. Gret looking banner Meg; I know it's the holidays, just wanted to remind you of the pet portrait. Please feel free to send me a pic of Conner at your leisure and I will get to work on it over the winter.

  5. Thanks, Meg, I had no idea that eiderdown was any different from other down comforters. But now that I think of it--my mother had a very beautiful and light satin down comforter when I was very young--when we moved to Mexico, the comforter didn't make the trip. But I distinctly remember that it was constantly slipping and sliding on the bed. Also there was no heft it to. Must have been eiderdown.....

  6. This is the best post and best pics I have seen on the subject...oh to have a true European Eiderdown! I came back to check, was hoping you had lots of donations; I hope I hope....if there is anyone still without, email me pls.


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