December 20, 2010

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Ten Lords and lots of children at Woodbourne are leaping! They’re all so excited about how much money we’ve raised for the holidays for them. Click here to watch the video about what the children want for Christmas. tivoli 004 It’s not only at the holidays that we need to buy presents for the children. We also make sure that each and every child in our care has a birthday celebration as well. We make certain that they get a few presents and our devoted kitchen staff bakes each child the birthday cake of their choosing. They share it with the other kids on their units. tivoli 003 The children reside at Woodbourne for up to two years. That’s a long time to be away from family and friends, so for that time, we’re their family. They also attend school at Woodbourne while they’re in residence. That’s our school building above.Untitled-1 copyWe still a little short on our goal for the children, so if you’re able, please make a donation here

A very special thanks to Joni at Cote de Texas for her phenomenal support again this year. She’s the driving force behind the success of this campaign.

All of the staff who work at Woodbourne, 24/7 and care for the children, send our deepest thanks for your generosity. We see the spirit of Christmas in everything you do for us.


  1. The work you guys do is awesome!! The children also look very happy there. Wish you and the children a very happy Christmas!!

  2. Meg, thanks for the comment! Hope you're enjoying the FF fragrance! If only the candle could wrap presents and bake too... Happy Holidays! *Amy

  3. Thanks to you for sharing the needs of these children. Blessing to you and the rest of the staff for the amazing work that you all do. Blessings at Christmas and the rest of the year, too.


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