November 30, 2009

Simon Doonan Decorates the White House for Christmas!

In another sign that this isn’t the Bush’s White House, Barney’s window dresser, and author of numerous hilarious books, Simon Doonan, has been chosen by the White House to organize the public displays! simon doonan barneys christmas 2009 Mrs. Obama will open the White House to visitors beginning on Wednesday, so I will be looking forward to seeing what creative things Mr. Doonan has done!simon doonan barneysDuring the Clinton administration, the creative group from Ralph Lauren decorated the house, and the late Robert Isabell did the flowers.


  1. You always have your eye out for such interesting things! I look forward to the unveiling.

  2. Curiously a savvy commenter on Huffingtonpost divined this possibility back in August ... read the comments of this blog posting ...

  3. Great news. Doonan is hilarious. (Though I can see why your first commenter might be nervous . . . !)

  4. I think Mr. Doonan will do a splendid job. There is always some room for creativity, especially in a house as stayed as the White House!
    Thank you for posting.

    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  5. Looking forward with bated breath! Hahaha! At first I thought Joni was quoting some Latin phrase I was unaware of.

  6. No wonder Jonathan Adler loves him!



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