November 25, 2009

The Hallway: Part XI

The big day is almost here and I’ve just found out that Earl is going to be out for the next two weeks! That means it’s on to me to oversee the project. YIKES!

I got Earl to do a walk-about yesterday to go over all of the details, what gets sanded, 11-25 012 what gets patched, 11-25 011what is painted white and what’s Silver Sage.

We are starting with the front hall and hope need to finish it by Thursday’s board meeting. Then the painters will go to the top floor and work their way back down to the lower staircase.

Earl’s guys have removed almost all of the furniture from the front hall and the paintings, quilts and information case from the walls. It’s a big echo chamber now.

11-25 004 11-25 006

When they removed the trophy case, the floor under it was in awful shape.  11-25 007 There was a spot on the wall where something must have really banged into it and there’s a hole in the plaster. It’s fascinating to see through to the 150+ year old mortar, with coarse sand and pebbles in it. 11-25 010 I wish we could have afforded to hire a historic paint expert to see what the original colours were, but in the scheme of things, we’ve got a lot more important things to do… like care for children! With this many layers of paint, there’s sure to be a lot of lead paint, so the best thing is to cover it. 11-25 009The most ironic thing is that there seem to be several layers of yellow paint… one of the colours we’d originally considered.


  1. It's going to be wonderful - the floor alone is terrific. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. You too? I thought I was the only 'mortar nerd'.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. things don't look in too bad of shape, actually- so never fear, all will turn out fine.

    happy turkey, meg- as promised, i will raise a glass in your honor tomorrow!

  4. Meg, I still love that yellow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I can't wait already. those holes are going to take forever to patch though. did you put a sticky on that last picture that read "patch?" ha!


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