November 24, 2009

Royal Mail Does It Again

In January, I shared some of the new stamps issued by the UK’s Royal Mail (tagline: I am thinking of a letter) and said how great looking they are. RM New-Order Royal Mail has just released some new designs which will be issued after the first of the year. RM The-Clash They depict classic British Rock album covers including Led Zeppelin IV, RM Led-ZeppelinDavid Bowie's The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust, RM David-BowiePink Floyd's The Division Bell, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and The Rolling Stones’ Let it Bleed.RM Rolling-StonesThe stamps were designed by London's Studio Dempsey {you MUST click on the link!}.


  1. Waves of nostalgia seeing those images again. Going to have to dig through my attic and get them out.

  2. They are brilliant...I will eat my nasty words about Royal Mail and their strikes now that they are releasing these fabulous stamps, xv.

  3. Fab, fab, fab!

    (And yes, I did click on the link, and saw the "two fluffy kittens" in lieu of sumptuosity.)

  4. omg! i'm dying - I want that clash stamps!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! The New Order LP cover has me wrapped in a wave of nostalgia that's hard to shake!
    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  6. Well you know which one is my favorite--wink. These are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving, LC


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