November 23, 2009

Holiday Shopping: Part II and Shameless Self Promotion

My mission this holiday season is to promote the little guy. The small shops and artisans need us to patronize them this year… and every year! So I am buying presents and gifts from alternative sources. I know it’s easy to give a gift card, but where’s the thought and originality in that?

One great resource of unique items is Etsy. Every time I look at the items for sale, I am blown away by people’s creativity. From this tiny embroidered herb ornament ets1 to this adorable cashmere mouse hat for a baby, ets2 there are tons of incredible items from which to choose.

I always thought that Etsy was for handmade goods, but I recently discovered that they have a vintage section. They describe vintage as anything more than 20 years old (which means that I am vintage!). Buying vintage and antique is a great way to go green.

As you might remember, I am getting ready to move house, and so am adding lots of vintage items I’ve collected over the past few years, both here in the States and in England, Wales and France. Etsy 11-23 013I have listed items for sale in the right-hand column of the blog, like these Bakelite-handled fish knives and forks.

Of course, Etsy is nothing without Regretsy, a hilarious site showing some of the really ghastly items for sale. Like these things… They’re spats for your sandals. ets3 I can pretty much guarantee you that I won’t sell anything like this!


  1. Oh Meg - I love starting my morning with a giggle. I love the mouse hat (& that sweet face) but I really love your "Regretsy" point. Wow..I may just know a few dozen people here in Texas that may hop on the Astrid Spats bandwagon (I'm horrible)! Great post & I too am going to support Etsy and all the incredibly creative people this Christmas. Makes a person feel good. Your move sounds exciting?! We're headed for one likely within the New Year. Smaller is going to definitely be better. Great day to you x

  2. I just spent waaaay too much time reading Regretsy. Wow. Thanks for the diversion!!

  3. "Regretsy" hahahaaa...and I would kill for that cashmere mous hat. I'll take the baby too...XXOO

  4. Thanks for promoting etsy. I discovered it this summer and am hooked. Check out my handpainted pet placemats @
    I love the bakelite flatware - I think I might have to have the french ivory set for myself!

  5. Yes, Etsy is lots of fun. I'm so impressed with what people can make.

    Moving is not much fun, though. Have you found a new place? Baltimore has so many beautiful places. Can't wait to see where you move.

    And, by the way. Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

  6. That hat is too much!!! I need it! Ha!


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