November 21, 2009

Holiday Shopping: Part I & A Give-Away

In the States, we often use the Thanksgiving weekend as the mark for the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season, but in light of the current economy, I am going to begin early and do a lot of local shopping and show you what I’ve found. I am sure that if you see something you MUST have, you can call the shop mentioned and see if you can make arrangements to acquire it.

While my friend David at McLain-Wiesand usually makes spectacular custom furniture, he and his crew of elves are busy making goodies for Christmas. And to make it even easier to get some of their small pieces, they’ve opened for business on Saturdays, from now until Christmas from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. So stop by for a look around, some cookies and perhaps some Christmas cheer.

Here is some of what’s on offer at McLain Wiesand:

A pair of classical figural candlesticks $45.00/pairMcLain Wiesand 11-21 002 Egyptian Head $35.00

McLain Wiesand 11-21 004

A selection of exquisite boxes $100-$150

McLain Wiesand 11-21 009 McLain Wiesand 11-21 055
McLain Wiesand 11-21 053 McLain Wiesand 11-21 056X

Small Globe on Stand $35.00McLain Wiesand 11-21 015Sphinx Bookends $64/pairMcLain Wiesand 11-21 022Classical Greek Head with Gilded Laurel Wreath $55McLain Wiesand 11-21 026David’s daughter Lexi is making jewelry with small escutcheons and other furniture jewelry. The necklaces and bracelets are priced at about $20 or less.

McLain Wiesand 11-21 030 McLain Wiesand 11-21 032
McLain Wiesand 11-21 034 McLain Wiesand 11-21 028

David and his elves are also making Christmas Ornaments for your tree or your wreath. These are cast resin copies of pieces either in David’s shop or details from furniture fixtures. The detail on these pieces is amazing and they’re priced so you can attach one to a bottle of wine or a present, or just hang dozens on your tree. Regardless of what you do with them, they are certain to be a unique addition to your holiday traditions. $2.00 to $15.00

McLain Wiesand 11-21 062 McLain Wiesand 11-21 063
McLain Wiesand 11-21 065 McLain Wiesand 11-21 066

David has offered me one of his ornaments as a give-away to a reader. You can choose either a gold or silver finish on this beautiful Greek Goddess, which measures about eight inches tall. David cast this from a piece of furniture in his house. McLain Wiesand 11-21 059Just leave a comment, and I will have Connor make a selection on Thanksgiving (November 26). I will mail it to you in time for the holidays.


  1. Ooooh, I love Christmas decorating and am absolutely nuts for unusual Christmas ornaments. So I'll definitely be paying a visit to M-W to pick some up.

    Not today, however, as I'm still on a Bruce Springsteen high!

  2. Oh Meg...I simply adore all of these offerings -- wished I lived in the area so I could visit and shop!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    ~ Michelle

  3. what beautiful things! great finds.
    happy thanksgiving, -susan

  4. Oh love them all. Greek Goddess Brass please! fingers crossed I think it is so pretty, almost like an angel.

  5. What extraordinary items! Love the Greek and Egyptian heads and those fab boxes. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  6. What wonderful things you've found! Years ago, my husband impressed upon me the importance of shopping locally... even at Christmas... instead of heading to the mall outside our city. I do my best, but have to say, he still has me beat in that department. In our current economy, I know it's even more important to patronize local businesses, so I intend to try a lot harder!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I wouldn't dare put this away after the holidays. I would keep it out all year! What a wonderful giveaway!

  8. Fabulous, unique items Meg & all reasonably price which I appreciate this year. Great..great giveaway!

  9. What a talented group of people! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Love the boxes and the furniture jewelry. I think the prices are reasonable too. :-)

  11. What neat the jewelry, what a creative idea. Are the boxes also reproductions? They have a great look. Thanks for sharing, and supporting your local businesses.
    Olga ~dancing through paris

  12. Olga... the boxes are all handpainted. The detailing is amazing. The blue box has gold-leafing. David and his crew are all extremely talented. Many come from the Maryland Institute College of Art, just up the road from his studio, so he's got a ready supply of great talent!

  13. I love the boxes too! Especially the "shagreen" !

  14. Hello: David and family are extremely talented.
    Here is a link to his work on a grand scale.

  15. The goddesses would be very happy at my house.

  16. are these ladies with their horns aunts to sta cecilia? M

  17. Nice things, very good taste. Thank you.

  18. Very unique, extremely lovely pieces.


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