January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

They're shooting off the fireworks that were postponed from last night due to the high winds and danger to the barges moored in the Inner Harbour. Connor's not terribly happy and he just keeps ooching closer and closer to me. Luckily, they'll only last for 20 or so minutes and then all will be quiet.
I have a tradition of calling one of my old friends in London who is Scottish and singing Auld Lang Syne to her answerphone, but knew she was in Scotland. Instead, I called the House of Beauty & Culture and had a lovely laugh with him! Check out his great new header... it is fabulous!

Last night's party was lovely, with a gorgeous beef stew, incredible shrimp and the most amazing Bananas Foster Trifle, courtesy of the Chefs.

I haven't really decided on resolutions for the new year yet, aside from the usual ones: be healthier, be nicer, etc. But I have been thinking about some: take at least one picture every day, post most days, find an outlet for my creative endeavours, be nicer. What are your resolutions?


  1. I recognize your header photo!

  2. I hate to say this but you need to go out tonight and get black-eyed peas. Happy New Year.

  3. A... it's from that amazing sphere of crystals at Heal's in London!

    HG... I have such a horrible cold that the only time I've even gone outside today is to walk Connor. A kind soul sent me some virtual black-eyed peas.

  4. 2009! Be open to the possibilities and try new things.Paint every day, read classics.Break out of the box. Yes, and be healthier, stronger, eat well! I am Karena and I am admitting that I am a sugar addict.

  5. i resolve not to make any resolutions- Feel Better.

  6. Meg - poor Connor - our last dog loathed fireworks. Rosie, typically, seems blissfully unaware. Sister, from here, looks like you are on a pretty good path. I think your resolution should be "stay the course!" But, selfishly, I support more frequent posting.

  7. We were making history at the first West Coast Ball Drop in Sacramento (hahaha!). It was quite a night though. A mini Times Square.

    Sounds like your dinner was delicious!

    Resolved: To make a HUGE success of my brand new design studio: KATIE DENHAM INTERIORS.

    Wishing you a very happy healthy and PROSPEROUS New Year!!!!!

  8. Feel better! I swear by Zicam. And a decent hot toddy, which won't make you any better, but you certainly won't care as much...

    Looking forward to a marvelous year with you.

    And what a year it's going to be...


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