January 14, 2009

Flip Says Thank You!

I got an e-mail from Flip today saying how pleased she's been with the reactions to the posts about her house. She sends a big thank you to the readers for all the lovely compliments that have made her re-appreciate the house, and not just focus on what hasn’t yet been done.

London Calling asked about the green cabinet in Salvage Chic Part II. Here's what Flip has to say about it:
The army green metal cabinet was salvaged from the ‘strong room’ or safe of the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Temple (which is now the Tremont Grand). There were other cabinets of a similar nature which I missed out on, but apparently my lot formed part of a huge conglomeration of secret filing cabinets. I found a few odds and ends in the drawers, but nothing revealing the mysteries of the masons!!!

Others asked how Flip and her husband got the 12-foot long white cabinet into the house. Apparently, getting it into this house wasn't a problem, it was the last house that was an issue:
The nightmare was getting it down the 2nd floor staircase…. In fact it gouged a hole into the wall and squashed a poor unassuming removal man, which we fixed – the wall not the man - but the landlord still ‘fined’ us, and we lost some deposit. Grrrr!

Finally, the story about the little chair getting crush - twice!
When we moved from Newfoundland, Canada to Baltimore, we very sadly packed the pieces of our beloved chair (it had been sat on at a party unbeknownst to me and collapsed into a trillion pieces, and we thought it best that we have it restored in America). When the removal company arrived at the new apartment in Baltimore after a long, and probably perilous journey from St John’s to Baltimore, it emerged from the truck………………………. WHOLE AGAIN.

We were speechless, but then gradually it dawned on us that the driver had obviously had an accident on the way, and the little chair had given us the clue…. On further investigation, all our furniture was dinged and scratched and damaged, so we were able to file a huge insurance claim. But we always laugh and say that the silly driver had no idea that the chair had been broken before and ham-fistedly glued it together with superglue.


  1. I have found myself coming back to look at that chair - I LOVE IT! Glad it's in one piece :-)

  2. It was so nice of Flip to comment on the comments! Perhaps she needs a blog of her own? I am sure she has some wonderful stories to share.

  3. Re the ducal chair...I think the initials are either "SL" or "LS". I thought it might have been "SC", which could have made it from the Duke of Marlborough, (as in "Spencer-Churchill"), but there is no "C". "Elementary, my dear Watson"? I think not!

  4. P.S. I left you a little award on my blog today :-)

  5. Great moving stories. Living in my 11th residence I know all about what gets damaged and the strange attempts to hide it. One of our movers smeared chocolate over a big gash on a table hoping to hide the bare wood.

  6. Athenaeus... not even a crayon? They used chocolate?

  7. Thanks for the details on that cabinet it really has a great look and so much potential storage. Seeing that chair put back together must have been a trip. Kind of made me chuckle. Glad they could file with insurance. My experience with movers/insurance and damaged furniture found them wiggling out of paying for it.

  8. Such funny horror stories. I'll never hire a mover if I can help it.

  9. *Sigh*
    Her house is beautiful! I am jealous of all that fabulous architecture and details!

    I've always wanted to live in an older house, I love their character. But living in the Dallas area in Texas, there just aren't as many of those amazing historical neighborhoods that you all have up there!


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