January 7, 2009

CV Now and Then

I was just over checking out my pal Joni's blog, Cote de Texas and she's done a magnificent post on Carleton Varney and his new book, In The Pink, Dorothy Draper. Well, for ages, I've been writing about his old Book of Decorating Ideas, circa 1971.What I have been doing is opening his magic book and taking his suggestion from the early 70's and seeing if it holds up today. For the most part, he's done pretty well. After all, he was trained by the master, Dorothy Draper.
Really, how could he go wrong?


  1. I love the legacy aspect of CV. DD lives on!

  2. You know, I love a man in pink. Hmmmmmm.

    (And I love that book.)

  3. I posted about a restaurant he just re-designed in NYC today and tomorrow I have about post about Dorothy Draper!
    LOVE her glamorous style!

  4. You've got to love those pink jackets.


  5. I love this guy. I not only love his designs, but his fashion sense. I'll need to incorporate silk scarves and broaches in wardrobe. Dorothy Draper is simply one of the best.


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