January 26, 2009

House & Garden 1991

One of the things I picked up at the Book Thing this weekend was the April 1991 issue of House & Garden, entitled "England Today"... or yesterday! It is fun to look through magazines of this era and see what's dated and what's stood the test of time. Because so many of the houses they featured are historic, they haven't changed too much.
Among the finds in this issue are an articles about Gertrude Jekyll's gardening style by Adrien Higgins, currently the garden writer at the Washington Post; a garden folly once leased successively by David Hicks, Charles Beresford-Clark and Veere Grenney; the country estate Oare House, redone by John Stefanidis; the architect Zaha Hadid and an essay by Nick Ashley on life after Laura (Ashley).
I can't wait to take some time and really read through all of the articles.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. I'd jump right to the Zaha Hadid article. It definitely seesm to be the sore thumb in this group.

  2. i KNEW that beautiful photo needed to be your new header. love it!

  3. Ah 1991, the good old days!
    I'll be back in Baltimore from Feb.12-Feb.17.
    I must get to The Book Thing, and more important, get to visit with you.
    xo xo

  4. Sigh....I miss my H and G so much. I am so glad I kept every single one.

  5. Oh, I've saved this issue, too. How I do miss this magazine.

  6. Not sure about that bed spread, but the rest of it holds up rather well. Interesting.


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