January 13, 2009

Salvage Chic (Part II)

Flip was kind enough to send me some pictures she took in the kitchen before the party started on Saturday. They're earlier in the day, so the light is a lot better, too. Here's Flip's picture of the table, with a better view of the urns with the chandelier crystals draped over the edges.
Here we go with the kitchen again. I only took pictures of the salvaged lights that she had, but here, you can see the great work surface and Belfast or farm sink and great commercial faucet. Also, check out the white subway tiles at the end. The window looks over their enclosed garden.
This is the view from the other direction, looking towards the kitchen table in a room surrounded by windows.

This is the fun house across the street with a great bank of windows. I love the way the brightly coloured doors just pop!

One of the funny things was seeing the bed in Bee's room. It's the bed that David Weisand designed for his daughter and sells in his shop right around the corner. The bed is on an angle under a stunning chandelier. The bow window that you see in the picture of the house is in Bee's room.

Behind the other bed in the room is one of Tord Boontje's cutouts, which Flip picked up at Habitat in the UK. This is also a better view of the chandelier.

One of the problems with houses from this era is the lack of bathrooms and closets. Flip told me that this bathroom's white subway tiles were covered by a horrible cardboard and then painted.

The guest room was one of the ones I liked most. It was another shade of gray and was warm and cozy. The pictures in the room were all framed in dark frames which stood out against the walls. The gray in this room has some green in it, so the green leather sofa and the green bottles really work. The master bedroom is next on the list for some major work. Because the house is still being worked on, the room's still in flux. Flip said that the hardest thing is finding non-custom curtains for a house like this. Ikea has 108" curtains, but those don't even reach the floor.

This room has another of the spectacular mirrors and a fireplace, too. Unfortunately, you can see where there was a "bit of a problem" with the ceiling. The wall opposite the mirror has been added, and in the room that was made, there's a mirror that's nearly identical to this one. The wall will eventually go.

Flip told me a great story about the little chair she has. She and her husband found it in South Africa. The antique dealer told her that it was one of 100 theater chairs belonging to a Duchess in England who had a small private theater in her country house. The carved gilded monogram bears her initials. Flip still has fantasies of finding more of them one day, but it was the only one in South Africa. The dealer had bought it at an auction in London.

The bowl is on top of the chair so no one will sit on it. It's been smashed twice, but that's a story for another time!

Thanks again to Flip and her family!


  1. LOVE the chair in the last picture, to die for :-)

  2. What a gorgeous home! There are so many great elements. The architecture of the place is beautiful in and of itself.

  3. love the chandeliers and arched windows

  4. That cabinet behind the sofa is awesome. Glad to know more about the chair been smitten with it since its apperance yesterday.

  5. The IKEA drape dillema...I have sewn in horizontal strips of another colour panel, and it's looked great...

  6. this makes me cry - can i move in? maybe Walter could locate some more chairs for her. this really is unreal. beautiful.

  7. Wow, this is just beautiful! So mane great items! Thank you so much for posting :)

  8. Really beautiful details! I love all of the windows.

  9. London... Flip told me what the cabinet was, and now I can't remember. I will ask her.

    Michelle... great idea about the panel at the bottom.

    I know that Flip's reading the comments and has been so delighted with everyone's great reposnses!

  10. Those subway tiles in the bathroom are great. Subway tiles of that era looks so much more elegant to me than the ones currently manufactured.

    And I lust after her kitchen even more than I did. OK, I lust after the entire house.

  11. There's a lot to savor here Meg! Happy to spot my favorite photograph on the wall. Joni emailed me, have to credit her for noticing!

  12. that view of the kitchen table with modern chairs and antique chandeliers in front of that bank of gorgeous windows, makes me want to cry.

    would your friend flip marry me so i can live there?

    oh and i noticed in your other pictures that she had a laurel "tusk" lamp in her living room- i had the same in my living room for years. did she buy it off ebay?

  13. That chair is ridiculous. I want chairs wiht my monogrammed carved into the back. Or what that be gauche? Maybe best left to the Royals.


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