February 13, 2007

Wedgwood Exhibition - Save the Date

A few weeks ago, I told you about the Mount Clare Mansion, a five-part Georgian mansion in downtown Baltimore. The Mansion will be hosting a landmark exhibition in May 2007. Wedgwood items will be shown in the rooms in the settings which they would have originally appeared (had the family owned some Wedgwood - which they didn't, oddly). Pieces will be placed in the cabinets and on the tables, shown in a natural setting.

One of the signature pieces which will be on exhibit will be the jasperware Portland Vase used in the Wedgwood logo. Additionally, there will be yellow, green, black, lilac and red jasperware pieces on display. The exhibition is being held in conjunction with the International Wedgwood Society which is meeting in Baltimore in May.

Vera Wang Imperial Scroll

Barbara Barry Musical Chairs

Although Wedgwood is 300+ years old, they keep up to date, while maintaining a selection of their classic pieces. Most people think of Wedgwood as only their Jasperware, with the blue background and white figures and their black basalt vases and urns. But among their collection designers are Vera Wang, Jasper Conran and Barbara Barry.

Robert Dawson's Willow Pattern

One of the new collections is a bold new take on the historic and ubiquitous Blue Willow Pattern. Robert Dawson has taken this pattern and blown it up by a significant percentage. Slices of willow-ware edge his plates, cups and bowls.

One of the reasons that Wedgwood has been a market and style leader for more than 300 years is that they know how to change with the time. If you're interested in the Three Centuries of Wedgwood Exhibit, check the Mount Clare website.

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  1. I'll def. check out their website. And I adore the Robert Dawson pattern.


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