February 28, 2007

Stylish Storage

Monogram Mama's and Petite Tresor's blogs had postings about stylish storage and it got me to thinking about it. I only have TWO clothes closets in my late 1800's eleven-foot wide townhouse, and they're small, so I have to think of innovative ideas so I can store things that I am not using. The idea of using Rubbermaid plastic storage bins is anathema to me, because I know I can find something a lot more chic.
My good friend K gave me a set of about 15 nesting boxes with the iconic map of the London Underground on them. They are brightly coloured and remind me of all of my trips on the Tube when I worked in London. I labeled them with a Brother P-Touch labeler so I don't have to root through each box to find what I want.
I use baskets to store my stash of yarns so I will be inspired to make something creative. I use matching magazine files to store my collections of magazines, including Domino, assorted Christmas issues, British Homes & Gardens, and some others. They're also marked so I can find things. Before I moved to the UK, I sold my complete collection of Martha Magazines, including the first issue, for which I got $250.

My out of season shoes are stored in a serpentine-front sideboard, and coats are hung in storage bags along the stairway to the cellar - which is a dry cellar, luckily. I do have a few under-bed boxes for clothes and try to make sure my extensive collection of cashmere sweaters are washed and stored in boxes lined with dried lavender.

When you live in a small space, you have to be creative to take advantage of every single inch you have and make the most of it.


  1. Wow you really were smart to save that Martha issue. Great investment!

  2. gorgeous boxes - love to see photos of your storage solutions. NO IDEA about the sink. Such a random prize. You could Ebay it or donate it to a Habitat store.

  3. Here's the link for the boxes... it's in Chicago.

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