February 2, 2007

Black Tie

I have a couple of black tie things coming up in the next month, including something tomorrow evening, which is actually more cocktail-y. Tomorrow's is a black & white party for Groundhog's Day (go figure!). Of course, there's the eternal struggle of what to wear.

I found these great looking dresses on the New York Social Diary pages earlier this week. They're designed by a gal called Lisa Perry. I can't find out too much about her, other than this. These dresses look like such fun, and ├╝ber-comfortable.

The only thing about tomorrow's party is that it's in a converted factory and the floor's concrete and it will probably be cold! Gotta really think about what to wear now!


  1. I love the crinoline coming out of the black dress. I won't be so predictable as to say that I love the pink dress.

  2. The flower dresses are fantastic!!!!!


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