February 14, 2007

Give It Some Wellie!

We have layers of snow, ice, snow and more ice, so I am sticking close to home today. I took Connor for a long walk this morning and he was just bouncing! This kind of weather isn't for those chic leather boots, but for some boots that can take the salt and water.

In the UK, wellies are a necessity because the weather can be so wet. I remember a fun afternoon with my cousins and the dog, tromping over to the local polo grounds after a lovely Sunday dinner. Wellies were mandatory. Even the Queen wears them! The expression "give it some Wellie" means get a move on it or hit the gas!
I have a great pair of wellington boots from Tamara Henriques. They are black, pink and white flowers. You've gotta love someone who makes boots in cheetah, toile, and stripes and in cowboy boot style and kitten heels!
Wellies are usually a dull army green, but now they're available in some fun colours from the original rubber wellie company, Hunter,who make boots by appointment to the Queen. Their website isn't great, if you check it out.
Photos: Tamara Henriques Boots


  1. I could really use these today!

  2. Wellies would be perfect for today.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't need them in Atlanta (I say unfortunately b/c I want just a little snow!). But if I did, I would def. go for the cheetah!


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