February 21, 2007

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness, I think, is more well-known on her home territory of the UK than here in the US. She's somehow associated with the Irish brewing family, but I am not sure how. Her main claim to fame is her handbag collection. I think the closest comparison is that she's the British Kate Spade.

The original bag which got her noticed was a bunch of roses fashioned into a handbag. Her collection has expanded to include jewellry, sunglasses, shoes, bedlinens and books.
Lulu's signature book, "Put On Your Pearls, Girls" is her advice on living a girly life. Pearls is an acronym for "poised, elegant, attractive, radiant, ladylike, sophisticated" something she thinks everyone should aspire to become. The book is illustrated by Martin Welsh, whose line drawings are closely associated with Lulu's handbags with embroidered phrases and scenes on them.

Lulu's website is lots of fun with the requisite catalogue of her goods, and they're great, and some gossipy pages, her fashion blog, her ad campaigns - the most recent of which is a take-off on Alice in Wonderland, and is quite clever.

When my buddy, Miss M.A. came to stay with me in London, I gave her photos of the trip in Lulu's adorable and appropriate photo album, illustrated with embroidered scenes of London.So put on your pearls, check out Lulu's website and have some fun!

Update 3.27: I just saw Lulu's book on Horschow Collection for $150!!! What's that all about?


  1. I love Lulu Guinness; she should be more known here in the States than she is. Will need to check out the book!

  2. I love Lulu! I have the perfume and it's lovely :-)

  3. I also love Lulu. I have some bath salts and perfume, although I did get them in Dublin.


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