February 6, 2007

Nina Campbell

A few years ago, I was Director of Development at a large social services organization in Baltimore. As one of the annual fundraisers, we produced an antiques show and one of the features was a lecture by a leading light in interior design, antiques or an affiliated profession. Several years ago, the speaker was London-based interior designer, Nina Campbell.
From the elegant Ms. Campbell herself, to her designs for Osbourne & Little, her wedding list items and her interior designs, creativity and grace are the keywords. Nina's client list includes the Duke and (ex)Duchess of York, Rod Stewart, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridge and many other houses and businesses around the world.The Nina Campbell line includes traditional and modern furniture, carpets and rugs, fabrics and wallpapers. Her rooms exude a modern twist on the traditional British country house. Piles of pillows, stacks of books, family photographs framed in silver and large mirrors all come together to make a warm, comfortable environment.

Nina Campbell's website now has a shop on-line section where you can find some of the selections from her shop in Walton Street in London. You can purchase her beautiful and beautifully-scented candles, lush blankets, including Welsh blankets, tabletop items, table linens and other home accessories. Of course, you can also buy her books, and those of her daughter, Rita Konig, who writes an on-line column for Domino Magazine.
I am sure that you can find all of Nina's books on Amazon, as some of them are now out of print. I have some of those books on my sidebar to the right.


  1. For whatever reason I don't have any Nina Campbell books. Looks like I should buy a few!

  2. Nina Campbell is Rita Konig's mother?! That's news! Look how those mirrors face down and reflect that narrow rectangular patterned carpet. Talk about flow.

  3. I've always thought this blue room you shared here is striking and vibrant. Nice choice!

  4. Just to advise, Nina did not design the interiors for "Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's" in London (that was Thierry Despont). She was, however, responsible for The Red Room, The Grill and MENU restaurants at the sister property The Connaught, their chef being Angela Hartnett, part of the Ramsay brand.

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