February 23, 2007

American Craft Council Show

I am all excited to go to the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore this weekend. The ACC was founded in 1943 to "promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft".

This is not your country, homespun, kitchy craft show with calico and straw. This craft market is comprised of 800 juried craftsmen and women who produce glasswares, jewellry, fiberwork, ceramics and myriad other amazing goods. The Baltimore ACC show is the largest in the country and people fly in from everywhere to attend.

Pieces in this show range in price from less than $100 to the mid-five figures. But there is literally some thing for everyone. A few years ago, I tried on a hat made from industrial felt which was in the shape of a ziggarut, but P. wouldn't let me have it... I bought a great topper in fleece instead, and wear it all of the time.

This year, there will be a special Children's section and the usual Spotlight on new talent. A number of years ago, my friend John Gutierrez was one of the spotlighted talents.
I am always interested in the jewellry and am looking to replace some of what was stolen last year. A few years ago, I got the most wonderful bangles which were silver, cast from bent twigs. One of the things I used to collect was spheres and I got some copper wire ones of assorted sizes at the ACC Show.
I will write more about the show this weekend, after I've gone.
All images: American Crafts Council


  1. This show usually has something to please every taste. Great that you are spreading the word.

  2. I've been to the one in Atlanta numerous times- always something interesting!

  3. I found this years Crafts Council show the best in four years. Great quality crafts, better layout. I'm going again tomorrow to see what I missed!


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