February 7, 2007

Paper Trails

I just read an article by noted D.C. hostess, Sally Quinn about writing thank you and other notes. Actually committing your thoughts and ideas to paper! Imagine that. But if you’re like me, you love getting an actual letter with a real stamp in the mail, instead of bills, junk mail and catalogues. The hardest part usually isn't writing the note, it's finding the stamp.
I love paper of all kinds, especially nice writing papers. I would love to be able to afford some personalized note cards from Mrs. John L. Strong, Smythson of Bond Street or Dempsey & Carroll. Until I can do that, I will have to settle for Cranes, which does Kate Spade's line of stationery. Crane does have a fun notepaper with fat yellow Labrador Retrievers on the front. There are some great letterpress shops around that can do bespoke printing for a lot less than in the past. Apparently, there’s been some revolution in the process that makes it a lot easier to do small batches of printing. Check Etsy.com for some great ideas for stationery and cards. Many of them are quite funny and beautiful.
I recently sent a friend a quick note with a photograph of her oldest child. It was just a plain deckle-edged card that I had glued a recent photo I had taken of her daughter and printed out in black and white. Simple, cute and much appreciated by the recipient.


  1. Great post! I love stationery. I would love someday to have a complete stationery wardrobe!

  2. Very nice idea - and I'm sure she was touched that you took the time to do that. I would love some Mrs. Strong cards as well. Maybe one day when this house is done!


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