February 25, 2013

I’ll Take This: Sir John Soane Carriage House

You might know Sir John Soane by some of the more extravagant buildings he designed, like the Bank of England, imageor the amazing Sir John Soane Museum, image

When I saw this two-bedroom carriage house, designed by Sir John Soane, I was enchanted. Even if living in a house in two parts might be difficult, I could manage, if I lived here.image

The carriage house is on a property called Lees Court, which although in private hands, still exists.imageHowever, there is scant information about the house, although the Lees Court estate does a booming business in agriculture and shooting.

It looks like the Carriage House could do with a bit of updating in its décor, imagebut I wouldn’t let things like ugly curtains, an odd green ceiling or a pawn-broker style light fixture deter me!

The house has been on the market for several months, imagebut the price is pretty good, £250,000, it’s in a village in Kent, and it comes with the use of the communal gardens, imageand even a garage! Plus, it’s designed by Sir John Soane, and most of his buildings have been demolished.imageI’ll take this! Would you?


  1. I am such a big SJS fan, I think I could even tolerate the gap between the parts. The possibilities for interior decoration are plentiful.

  2. I would love to live here, although I would want to know how big the place is, and whether any land comes with it. Kent is in the middle of England's apple-growing region, an added inducement.

    While living there, I could try to save up some money to acquire Lees Court itself. In the meantime, a bullet-proof vest might be a wise investment to ward off stray pot-shots from those hunters.
    --Road to Parnassus

  3. Would I? Yes! Reminds me of old southern dog-trot houses.

  4. Yes, definitely a winner. I could fix the decor in a snap.
    Thanks--I'll keep on dreaming.

  5. OH a definte YES. A SJS cottage in the UK!..I am there so quickly...xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. I love the grounds and exterior, but I agree with you, the inside does need updating. I couldn't fall asleep inside a salmon pink arch!

  7. I love these photos! Its so peaceful to stroll there and breath the fresh air.

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