February 9, 2013

NYC: Treillage

I’ve been meaning to visit Bunny Williams’ two Treillage shops the last few times I’ve been in NYC, and just haven’t managed to make it. So on this recent trip, I was determined to make it to one, of not both outposts of Treillage.

One of the shops specializes in items for the garden, and the other is more table-top and home goods. The garden shop was my first stop. It’s on East 75th street, in an old blacksmith’s shop. You are greeted by two huge carriage lamps and large barn-like doors, and then upon entering the shop, you’re surrounded by the most fantastic items!

How could I not love this vintage map of London. I spotted the college where I once worked, and many other hot spots.

There are several of these wonderful skylights throughout the shop, letting in valuable light.

One of the best things about this outpost is that it actually has a small garden behind it. The shop is filled with garden items, as well as antiques and items from Bunny Williams Home, formerly her Beeline collection. It’s just been renamed this past week.

Here is one of Bunny’s best-selling pieces, her pagoda mirror! Love this!!!

I love these old shutters, and the fantastic mirror. The walls are rough-planked in horizontal wood panels, fitting for this former blacksmith shop.

I love this rough stone Belfast farm sink in the gardening room. You can tell it’s used for repotting plants, scrubbing pots and other garden chores. NYC 3 (19)

Maybe I will trade Connor on for one of these stone dogs. It certainly would be easier!

From 75th Street, I headed back downtown to the other Treillage on Lexington Avenue.  It had a totally different feel to it, given its location and what it was selling. I loved it just as much!

Two fun trends in one piece! Faux Bois and melamine. You would never know that this plate wasn’t made out of wood, it looked so realistic. In fact, I heard a story about someone putting one of these in the microwave. What a mess!!!

Speaking of wood, how about these great bracelets! Each one is slightly different, due to variations of the wood and the placement of the stones.

I loved this mirror and think that it would look brilliant at the end of my long hall.

There’s nothing like a great wall of china!

This is an artist’s sketch of a large mural she’s doing. The grid helps ensure proper placement and perspective.

These are for my mum! I think we had one or two of these at our house.

Stay tuned for the big launch of the Scalamandré and Lenox china line, a trip to John Derian, more antique shops and much more. It’s hard to believe how much we crammed into 36 hours!


  1. 36 hours in New York is like a lifetime everywhere else...:) i haven't been to The Bunny Williams shops but next visit I will... the blacksmith's venue looks fantastic and I would be sorely tempted there...
    Happy Sunday Meg... xv

  2. As an example of Bunny's trained eye to scan and choose, we were driving down a two lane highway in Massachusetts (at a fast clip with BW at the wheel no less) through an area of antique shops when she spotted that stone sink among a lot of other items for sale out front of one store!

  3. Hi Meg, What a trip! I promise that I won't tell Connor what you said about him.

  4. I love Manhattan. I lived and worked there for a while. I will be there in late April and plan to visit both of these locations too. I will also stop by FihsEddy. I used to work around the corner from their store and loved their things.

    1. Fish's Eddy and ABC Carpet&Home are two favourites.

  5. I'd love to go to New York one day! The Evolution Store, ABC Home and John Derian are on my list of must-see stores.

  6. Difficult even at America's Mart to source for my clients.

    Local nurseries? Not.

    Why so hard to exterior decorate?

    Have the testosterone-on-wheels-mow-blow-go-commodify-all-I-touch so ruined perceptions of 'Garden'.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    1. Everything here is just classic and elegant!

  7. I SEE something I want here!!!! Will call them first thing Monday morning. Wish me luck. xoxo, Loi

    1. Loi...i am sure there are loads of things that you will LOVE!

  8. Thanks for visiting both our locations, Meg, and this beautiful blog post! Stop by and see us anytime you are in Manhattan!

    1. Now that I am have been to the shops, I will be back again!


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