February 4, 2013


What an unbelievable game! In an amazing first half and a stunning second half, the Baltimore Ravens pulled back from the edge of defeat and won the 47th Super Bowl! WIN!As our coach, John Harbaugh said “It wasn't pretty.....it wasn't perfect..... but it was us!!”  That pretty much sums up Baltimore. But we don’t have issues with that. We are who we are and we revel in it.imageThe Ravens weren’t expected to win the Super Bowl. All of the odds – from Las Vegas on down – were against us. The announcers doing the commentary for the play off games, and even the Super Bowl, always remarked on how badly the opposing teams were playing, not how well the Ravens were playing. imageThe 35 minute long power outage really killed the momentum of the game, especially immediately after the amazing 108-yard touchdown, but we battled back to win!imageThe past two weeks leading up to our win have been such fun. Everyone’s so happy and excited. We’re all united around a common goal – to win the Super Bowl. Everywhere you go, everyone is wearing purple. Friends told of hunting all over town for a purple shirt for their five-year old, so he’d feel like part of his new school. The city is aglow in purple lights and it’s heart-warming to see all of the purple lights on porch lights, framing doorways, encircling columns and lighting monuments – just little personal shows of support. imageMoments after we won, I went out into the bitter cold night to listen to the sounds of victory. Horns were honking, people were hooting and hollering, fireworks were exploding in the night sky, and I was happy.

"A slight adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem seems appropriate for tonight's knife-edge, blackout Superbowl:

Deep into the darkness peering, long stood the Niners wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before…
Would their souls from out that shadow that lay there on the Superdome floor Ever be lifted?
Quote the Ravens “Nevermore”



  1. Loved it...what an exciting game.

  2. It was such a weird game! And the lights going out just added to the weirdness. At one point, when I went to the washroom, I realized I was wearing my purple underwear (totally unintentional). My friends, who were cheering for the 49ers, blamed me for the Ravens win.

    Isn't it wonderful to hear the sound of your city celebrating your team's victory?


  3. I was at work and couldn't watch the game, but I thought of you when I heard they'd won. Hope you're enjoying Raven-mania parties all over town.

  4. While I am not a sports fan, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I love to see anyone excited about what they love. 8-)

  5. We were up until 4am watching here in the UK! It was a gripping game, especially the second half. Well done Baltimore.

  6. Best Super Bowl game ever. I felt bad leaving it to watch Downton Abbey, but felt the Ravens were safely ahead and we don't have DVR... was shocked to come back and see how close the score was! Loved seeing all the wild and crazy plays -- the punter running the ball and the touch back play were inspired and somewhat hysterical! Glad it had a happy ending for the Ravens!

  7. Great game. We were pulling for the Ravens so we were happy too! Congratulations, Baltimore!

  8. As I watched the game, I was thinking of you! congratulations Ravens! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  9. Turned my hair gray that game.

    From the first touchdown to the power outage to the final eternity of 4 seconds it was a thriller.

    Enjoy every second of your happiness.

    xo Jane

  10. Dint see the game but congratulations ..you must be so excited


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