February 20, 2013

Jane Austen Stamps Go on Sale… In the UK

To celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, Royal Mail has issued a stamp for each of Austen’s six books. imageThis is not the first set of Jane Austen stamps issued by Royal Mail but I think the new ones are much better-looking. imageRoyal Mail said that letters posted in Chawton in Hampshire, where Austen spent her last years, and Steventon, near Basingstoke, where she was born, will have a special postmark for a week, featuring the Pride and Prejudice quote "Do anything rather than marry without affection".


  1. People should have that line tattooed on them at birth. Not enough people remember it.

  2. so residents in the UK continue to take pen to paper and send letters, handwritten notes of correspondence, words of wisdom to students graduating from school, etc-- how charming and civilized.

  3. I adore these..must have them! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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