February 18, 2013

The New T Magazine

As you may know, The New York Times has been publishing an occasional magazine called T for several years now. Each magazine has a separate focus, such as travel, men’s style, women’s style and home. But the magazine was always a bit hard to navigate and there was no set schedule as to when it would come out.imageAll that changed last fall with the arrival of Deborah Needleman, late of Domino and WSJ Magazine. T Magazine, re-imagined and revitalized, debuted this weekend with an exclusive interview with Lee Radziwill conducted by English interior decorator, Nicky Haslam. imageIt is a fascinating piece with loads of terrific images of her long life. I am of two minds about the way she’s looking these days. In some images, she’s just beautiful, but in others, like the magazine’s cover image, I think it looks like she’s had too much work done.
Many of Needleman’s stable of writers from both Domino and WSJ Magazine have moved to T Magazine with her, including Rita Konig and Sara Ruffin Costello. Both of these writers have excellent articles in this premiere issue. Rita writes about interior designer Rose Uniacke’s London home, which done in spare elegance.imageI’d murder for a bathroom like this!
Sara Ruffin Costello writes about the Mexican town of Mérida, a far cry from Cozumel or San Miguel de Allende, and up until this magazine was published, has been pretty much undiscovered by tourists.imageSara did the writing for this piece and her husband, Paul Costello, did the photography.
This issue of T Magazine topped out at more than 200 pages, and is scheduled to be published 15 times a year, which gives us all something to look forward to! You can read the entire magazine here.
All images: New York Times


  1. If you haven't checked it out already, I encourage you to watch the video on the New York Times' website of an interview of Ms. Radziwill by Sophia Copella. It is fascinating to watch her in action. Like a very beautiful, very well-maintained spider. And I mean that as a compliment!

  2. Wish we could get this mag here. We almost bought a house in Merida about 10 years ago. You could buy a huge townhouse there for about $10k. I bet not now!

  3. I'll take either of those chandeliers thanks..Ah Lee I've always felt it would of been difficult to be the sister of one such as Jacqueline.

    I'll try to find the interview suggested by Reggie , thank you Meg for introducing the magazine

  4. Such a beautiful lady, classy! I too LOVE that bath...amazing!!!

  5. What a terrific photo of the bedroom of the Merida hacienda. This is the minimalist elegance of Mexico of my childhood friends' homes. Can't wait to read and see all of the article.

  6. The spiders that cob web the corners of my house are not a subject for me to judge, as I do not see them only the cob webs.

  7. I read the mag. yesterday + I agree with you some of the pictures look fabulous some not so much. Must have been hard coming of age in Jackie's shadow. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  8. @Reggie -- "a beautiful, well-maintained spider" is a COMPLIMENT? I'm dying to hear some of your insults!! ;-)

    Comparing the current cover photo to the 1962 image, I have to say let's cut this woman some slack. Whenever we judge celebrities on how much "work" they've had done to try to maintain their looks, we're inevitably comparing the way they look today to the more "natural" beauty they had in their youth. Considering that 40 years have elapsed between the two photos, I think she's holding up pretty well. We don't have a photo of what she'd look like today WITHOUT cosmetic surgery, botox, etc., so it's hard to make a fair comparison.

    I'm excited about the new and improved T magazine, though. I'll be watching for it with my Sunday paper.

  9. There must be some connection this film maker must be a friend of a friend or family member it seems so odd out of the blue LR films an "interview"

  10. Meg have you changed things for a reason? Your Tuesday blog post requires a hoop to jump thru to post. I post here on Monday to alert readers to weigh in on the sudden protocol change and with all due respect have some posters been misbehaving hiding behind a cloak of anonymity and causing you undue consternation.

  11. Meg you need to watch the video on u tube A study of Peter beard. The man L.R. spoke of the artist he speaks the truth in the video

  12. Thanks for the informative post about T magazine. I noticed it, too, with delight. I like everything they have done and knowing that the new editor is from Domino and WSJ give me reason to believe this will be a wonderful magazine. I do enjoy the WSJ style magazine and Style pages.


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