February 28, 2013

St. David’s Day

Today is St. David’s Day (Dydd Dewi Sant) in Wales. As you may know, St. David is the patron saint of Wales. Many Welsh people wear a leek on St. David’s day in his honour, although I never managed to do this.

In honour of this, I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures of Wales from my trip there this time last year.

Caerphilly Castle, the second largest castle in the UK. caerphilly castle4

Crossing the Severn Bridge from England into Wales.

The Victorian Pier at Penarth Cliffs.

The beach at Penarth

My old school: Atlantic College at St. Donat’s Castle

At St. Donat’s, looking over the Bristol Channel to England

Worst bus ad, ever. Cardiff

My three guys: what I miss most about Wales.

CardiffUK Day 7 (2)

The constantly changing and very dramatic skies.UK Day 7 (5)

This is my very favourite image from the trip: The dining room at St. Donat’s Castle.

Happy St. David’s Day!


  1. Honestly! should not a pizza emporium provide plates, nappies and utensils? and wine, is this not a beverage of choice?

    1. you might know that nappies are diapers, so of course, the pizza place didn't provide them.

  2. That Cardiff ad really made me laugh--we can only imagine that his wife got run over by a bus.

    The rest of the post shows magnificent pictures that seriously make me want to go to Wales and explore.
    --Road to Parnassus

  3. Terrific photos and I look forward to the day we can finally visit Wales. I love your old school, what history! Next year I'll remember to wear a leak around my neck in your honor!

  4. How does one wear a leek around one's neck. Also, where does one take a leak in Paris?

  5. His wife died-no she escaped HIM(oh that is a bad ad but so funny) Happy St. David's Day to you! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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