January 29, 2013

We’re Turning PURPLE!

All around Baltimore, things are turning PURPLE!  As I was walking downtown today, I noticed so many people who were sporting just a bit of purple, in a scarf, in a shirt or in gloves. Buildings, including our historic state capitol building, are beginning to be washed in purple light.image

The city sent the Ravens off to New Orleans in style on Monday, and despite the freezing rain, several thousand people showed up at the Inner Harbour to cheer them. At one point, everyone joined hands to send the power to the Ravens from the crowd,imagewhich really must have been an amazing experience.imageFriends who were there said that it was such fun to see the Ravens taking pictures of the crowd, who were, of course, taking pictures of the Ravens. image

When the rally was over, the team headed to the airport and down to New Orleans. image

This is the beginning of a very exciting week in Baltimore, and regardless of the outcome, we’re thrilled to be in the Super HarBowl!


  1. What's all this fuss about? I thought football season was over ;)

  2. I would love to say I have a clue what this is about....but I can't :O(
    I blogged about sports today too...and I have no idea what was going on there either!

  3. You know there are two Australians "barracking" for you ...Ive been remiss in talking to you lately Meg,, this fulltime working is damned hard.

    BTW I see that Julie Bowen from Modern Family is from Baltimore

  4. Oh, wow, that's so cool!

    I was fortunate enough to be in Vancouver a couple of years ago when the Vancouver Canucks (hockey team) went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. The excitement on the street was wonderful and infectious. Everybody was wearing one or more bits of Canucks paraphernalia and just about every bus had a sign that alternated "Go Canucks Go" with the route number and name. It was so much fun.

    Good luck to the Ravens!

  5. I got tears in my eyes reading this. Soooo excited for Sunday and so touched by the send off.

    With a town like Baltimore behimd them, they've got to be good.

    xo Jane


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