January 2, 2013

Calendar Girl

This time of year usually involves the careful selection of a calendar to hang above my desk in the kitchen. This past year, I’ve had a gorgeous one from Cavellini & Co. in San Francisco. image They always have a great selection, and 2012’s calendar was of vintage European maps. imageThis year, I decided to make my own calendar. I found a template on-line, and then added pictures for each month. I file my images according to month and date, so it’s simple to go back and find an image from June, or October.

imageThen I print it out on heavy paper and use a bulldog clip to hang it on the wall. imageEach month, I have a nice memory of something that I was doing the same time last year.


  1. Lovely idea and lovely results.

  2. Great idea + Happy 2013. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. You're hands-down the most creative gal I know!

  4. Just wanted to let you know I've been buying the large Cavellini calenders for years! I buy one for my kitchen (love the vintage pictures of veggies) and one for my office (usually one of the travel calenders - for this year it's Italy). I buy them more for the illustrations, obviously - it's been about 10 years now!


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