January 22, 2013

Snow in Paris & London

Snow is becoming increasingly common in Paris and London, and these two cities are more beautiful than ever under a blanket of white.

Greenwich Park, Londonimage

Metro Sign, Parisimage

Snowfamily, Box Hill, Surreyimage

Canal Saint-Martin, Parisimage

Baxter, the Airedaleimage

Frozen Sculpture, Parisimage

Clifton in Bristol (One of my favourite neighbourhoods)image

Pont d’Alexander III, Parisimage

Wollaton Park, Nottingham (Where my father was born)image

I’ve been in London a few times when it’s snowed, imageand I have to tell you, it’s magical!


  1. Beautiful photos! I love London at Christmas - tho I don't recall it ever snowing when I lived there. It's nice to see a dusting of white instead of the gloom we were used to.

  2. Gorgeous scenes!
    It snowed there on Easter Sunday when I was there last!

  3. These photos are gorgeous, Meg! I'm a sucker for snow-laden deciduous trees -- the contrast of the bright snow against the dark, wet bark really highlights the sculptural individuality of each tree. So magical.

    By the way, congratulations to you and your fellow Ravens fans. :-)

  4. Lovely photos..I'd love also to see some Baltimore snow photos, having a very romantic view of snow .

    My sister lived in Clifton in the 1980s she too loved it
    Mixed feelings about Airedales it's the only dog that ever bit me

  5. I lived through several snows in Oxford and they were gorgeous ... just didn't love the way the cold seeped into our little flat.


  6. Snowy season can be chilly but the panoramic view of winter is breathtaking such as spruce and pine tree branches covered in snow, making white and black contrast.

  7. Gorgeous! Your dad was born in a park? 8-)


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