January 8, 2013

OKL: Good Job!

My beloved cousin, Cousin Ebby, used to give me a mint julep cup every Christmas for years, until I had a nice set of them. When I moved back to the States, my house was robbed and they were stolen. It took me ages to even want to get some more, and if I saw one in an antique store or junk shop, I’d pick it up, but it wasn’t the same. imagePretty much every year around Derby time, I whinge about having my cups stolen and having to use ones from Bombay Company. So when I saw that OLK had some nice julep cups for sale, at a significant discount, I used some of my Christmas money and bought a few. Well, I bought six. imageI ordered them a week ago, and they came today. Nicely wrapped and boxed. Exactly what I wanted. I should have bought more of them!imageWell done, OKL!


  1. Finally, something at a decent price on OKL! Bring out the bunting :-)

  2. Meg great Find on OKL! The Julep Cups ARE perfect!

    Art by Karena

  3. Good for you. Nothing like a good ole Mint Julep Cup. Right on OKL. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. I have purchased these from OKL a couple of times...thought they were nice but didn't know about the price so thank you! Do you also use them for other drinks and flowers?

  5. I have a set of 6 sterling julep cups bought in a resale shop- the monogram isn't mine but is unreadable enough to be really decorative- had them engraved wtih my monogram on the opposite side and will have them monogramed with my son's initials when I give them to him- I use them for cookouts , picnics and anything else one can think of where a sturdy cup is needed

  6. A girl has to keep her priorities straight! So glad you've started the rebuilding.


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