January 22, 2013

I’ll Take This: Theatrical Home

If you’ve ever been accused of being a drama queen, then this might be the perfect place for you!image

The floor-to-ceiling windows would be amazing in almost any kind of light and the flat looks out over the town.

Unfortunately, there are only three images on the website, and not any of the bedrooms – which I always find strange. In this era of digital photography, why wouldn’t a real-estate agent put as many images as possible on the website?

That said, there was one rather tragic shot of someone’s idea of a bachelor pad – circa 1970 disco era decorator.image

And a dire image of the kitchen. image

Seriously, if you were selling a flat with massive windows overlooking the town, wouldn’t you show the view or at least the windows? Especially since they’re advertising it as “a tasteful town-centre flat with delightful views”.

But this place is pretty inexpensive – only £139,995!


  1. When I worked in RE in Toronto it was on the cusp of the digital era - having a digital camera was very special and people were just getting into using them. It's a shame 12 years later agents aren't doing any better - surely they don't have to pay to have extra photos on the website?


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