January 29, 2013

More Ravens…

As the anticipation of the SuperBowl starts to mount, I am seeing more and more clever ways that people around Baltimore are celebrating out fabulous season thus far. raven

What I really love is that people who might not ordinarily be huge Ravens’ fans are coming out in support of the team. Baltimore gets a bad rap sometimes, and many people only know it because of the bad things, i.e. The Wire.

I drove by the local seminary this evening to see it washed in purple. (Sorry, I was driving, and couldn’t get a picture, but as you can see, it’s a pretty impressive building.)image

Denver Mayor Hancock finally paid off his bet with Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake this week with his squirrel dance.

Seriously, Mayor Hancock, could this have been any shorter?

The “mother church” of Episcopalianism in America has gotten into the act, as well.

Pretty hilarious stuff.

Because the two teams are coached by brothers, John and Jim Harbaugh, this game is even more intense than most, and every little thing is being scrutinized.imageIt’s a tradition for the team to wear suits when they travel.

One thing we have here in Baltimore is team spirit.image

I promise that there won’t only be Ravens all week long. I will post about some upcoming events. Just be patient, we’re excited around here!


  1. Remember now, I'm down in D.C. but I saw trees with purple ribbons on them, and people wearing Raven's purple. When I saw the rally on tv that night and realizing the weather was rotten that day, and the players wore suits and looked so sharp and a huge crowd turned out for them and the confetti showered down...the buildings all lit up in purple.,,,it was just so nice.

    Remember that store I went in that had the RIP cake? I was in there today and I said, "Where are your Ravens cakes???? I know we are Redskins, but you should have made up some Ravens cakes for Sunday." He said, "I'm a Seahawks fan...from Kentucky." Go figure.

    Anyway, I back both teams: The Redskins and The Ravens. I have a friend, born in Pigtown, Meg...but has lived in San Francisco since forever...and he told me he was conflicted about who to root for...I told him to root for both, but I know his adult children are rooting for Daddy's hometown...the Ravens. His daughter keeps sending me Ravens information from SF...and I think it's adorable.

  2. It's hard to think of anything else, isn't it, Meg? Times like this show off so much of what's great about the people in Baltimore. Plus, everything looks so pretty in purple!

  3. Meg,
    Please keep up your Ravens reporting! I am loving it! I don't even care about football, but I love community spirit and anything that brings a community together. I also love seeing the contrast in how different cities celebrate their sports victories.
    Your blog is terrific!

  4. ok now meg this is seriously funny!keep up the good work + Yeah Ravens! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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